Friday, May 6, 2016

Be Happy by Linda Shrimpton

I chose to write my book & Be Happy, because through my personal journey of researching an ideal

attitude for life that makes for a happy and healthy one, I realised, it seemed to me, that I had a

very helpful, useful message to share with others (which in summary, is to Be Happy) and thought

a good way to do this would be in the form of a published book. I wrote in such a way as to leave

the reader to make up their own mind, through their own experiences.

It seems to me, through my own personal journey, that to follow your passion, do what excites you

and keep thinking good thoughts and expecting/intending good things, rather than focusing on the

opposite, negative things, that life becomes more enjoyable, therefore you begin to experience joy

and all sorts of pleasant, positive synchronocities and coincidences begin to happen. It becomes a

fun thing to see what life brings to you!

Personally, I found joining an on-line book writing course an extremely positive and motivating

action in the right direction - for getting my manuscript to completion. It created helpful guidelines

and goals, therefore my book; became more realistic and came together a lot more faster than I

imagined. It was also a lot more easier to produce and I was not overwhelmed! I found books, the

Internet and other peoples experiences/knowledge very helpful.

I chose to self-publish, as being on a low-income, this seemed the most economical step to take.

Also, I liked the idea that by doing so, I was helping a small business thrive!

The biggest challenge I faced was having written so many notes on various subject areas, to

determine what to include and what to eliminate! Also, not being very computer literate, (as a 53

year old), producing my manuscript on an IPad using Word Document and attachments for emails,

I was fortunate to engage my 19 year old daughter to assist me with computer logic!

I have done my best to make my book as simple as possible to read, to help my audience more

readily understand the content of my book, to keep it interesting, yet very helpful, informative and

mostly, I very much hope, inspiring!

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