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Book 4- Dragon’s Bayne by Cheree Alsop - GIVE AWAY

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Book blurb for Book 4- Dragon’s Bayne
Rumors of a dragon have rattled Edge City along with mangled bodies that throw a light of distrust on Dr. Wolf. Protestors warn against the werewolf doctor while Dr. Wolf pushes himself to the limits to save more fae that have fallen through the rift into a scared city. A new foe surfaces. Desperate to save Lilian, Aleric goes back to Blays. But when he finds the city of his youth under attack from terrifying creatures, Dr. Wolf realizes he might be the only one who can save it. Torn between protecting his home or saving the woman he loves, Dr. Wolf faces a fight that might destroy them all.

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Author Bio:
Cheree Alsop is an award-winning, best-selling author who has published 38 books, including two series through Stonehouse Ink. She is the mother of a beautiful, talented daughter and amazing twin sons who fill every day with joy and laughter. She is married to her best friend, Michael, the light of her life and her soulmate who shares her dreams and inspires her by reading the first drafts and giving much appreciated critiques. Cheree works as a fulltime author and mother, which is more play than work! She enjoys reading, traveling to tropical beaches, riding motorcycles, spending time with her wonderful children, and going on family adventures while planning her next book.

Cheree and Michael live in Utah where they rock out, enjoy the outdoors, plan great quests, and never stop dreaming.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Gladiator's Day of Grace by Jewel Adams

New Christian Short Story
I am so excited about The Gladiator's Day of Grace and consider it the most important work of fiction I have ever done.

About the Book
Maximus Vitruvius Messalla has learned about the unpredictability of life the hard way. Raised in aristocratic prominence and wealth, one moment Maximus is a decorated centurion in the Roman military, quickly rising in the ranks. The next, he is betrayed, charged with treason, and forced to be a gladiator in the Roman arena to earn his freedom.

Throughout the course of these events, Maximus comes to question all he has been taught to believe.

Lifted by his love for a freed slave, Maximus follows her to 
Capernaum where he learns of the gospel of Jesus Christ. After witnessing the healing of a fellow centurion’s servant, Maximus’s hunger for truth grows and his questions about the rabbi increase. He knows that if anyone can tell him more about the Messiah, the woman he loves can. On the shore of Galilee, she shares her testimony of the Messiah, and for Maximus, just being in her presence gives him a glimpse of heaven.

Over the course of a single day, he receives answers to questions that have haunted him for years. But when certain events come to light that reopen old wounds, he wonders if he will ever truly have peace.

The Gladiator’s Day of Grace is the story of love, forgiveness, redemption, and one man’s journey to discover the saving grace that is available to all of us.

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OOTHANGBART by Rebecca Lloyd

Oothangbart - a Subversive Fable for Adults and Bears
Publisher: Pillar International Publishing
Author: Rebecca Lloyd
ISBN:  978-1-911303-02-2     Page Count: 200
Retail Price: £9     Pub. Date: Ist. October 2016
In the beautifully-isolated Oothangbart, order and organisation, hierarchy and custom, and the regular flying of kites ensure that each finely-mapped hour of each planned week are as predictable and reassuring as the last. One Donal Shaun Hercule Poseidon, a citizen of middling rank with no greatness in gait or demeanour, is not so reassured and is becoming less and less predictable. Love is partly to blame. Were it not for his love for the baker, Pearl Offering, his shed would not be filled with ossified bagels, nor would he be constantly fretting over the unsent love-letter that sat upon his mantelpiece. Nature had its role to play too. Were it not for the leaping fish that emerged unannounced and unexpected from the supposedly-barren river encircling Oothangbart, he might have wandered unnoticed for his entire existence and taken his philosophical questions with him to the grave. Government is definitely to blame. When the fish-panic seized Oothangbart, Donal was dragged into the machinery of government and thrust into an officialdom which had no place for a creature of thought. This is Donal’s story.

After walking for some time, he arrives at a vast pit he cannot circumnavigate and realises that a fellow cannot live outside society.  He returns to Oothangbart ready to face his punishment with dignity, but finds that he is welcomed as a hero. The whole of Oothangbart wants to know if he reached Bristol and what it’s like. Before he can decide whether he should tell them the truth, the crowd offers up its own versions, and the myth remains intact. Donal becomes Organiser of the Kite Festival, a job he loves, but nothing raises his spirits until Pearl becomes a friend of his waking as well as of his dreams.

Rebecca Lloyd writes short stories and the occasional novel. Her story collection Mercy, nominated for a World Fantasy Award, was published by Tartarus Press in 2014 alongside The View from Endless Street, a collection that came out with WiDo Publishing. A third collection, Whelp and Other Stories was a finalist in the Paul Bowles Short Fiction Award, and Bogieman, a story from that collection won the 2016 New Fictions Prize at Gatehouse Press. Her recent publications include Ragman and Other Family Curses (Egaeus Press) and Jack Werrett, the Flood Man (Dunhams Manor Press). She is working on a new collection of gothic stories, and her novel, Oothangbart will be published in the autumn by Pillar International Publishing.

Friday, August 19, 2016

The Four Horsemen, by Cheree Alsop - GIVEAWAY

Book 3- The Four Horsemen
A plague spreads through Edge City. Certain the Four Horsemen are behind it, Aleric tracks the plague to a restaurant in the middle of the city. With the possibility of an apocalypse hanging by a thread, Aleric has to confront each of the Horsemen to end the threat to the city he loves. Still dealing with pain from the Archdemon’s wound, Aleric is pitted against gorgons, a vampiress, and limited time to find what Death is looking for and return the Four Horsemen to the fae world.

“People do crazy things in the name of love, Doc. Trust me. I know what I’m talking about.”
Aleric stared at him. “You were in love?”
Dartan put a pale hand over his heart. “Are you insinuating by your skeptical tone that because a vampire doesn’t have a fully functioning cardiovascular system the way werewolves do, that our hearts cannot bleed in agony at the mere thought of an unreturned gesture, that we cannot mourn the distance of an adored one’s feelings, that we cannot pine away after love lost or sob our lonesome selves to dreamless sleep when such love is found unrequited?”
“That’s a bit dramatic,” Aleric pointed out.
Dartan gave a heartfelt sigh. “You live but the span of a human’s years; can you not imagine the agony of a thousand such years spent in unreciprocated yearning, unanswered worship, and even unrequited total and helpless desire for the briefest lift of the lips that could hint at a smile?” He leaned back in the booth with another loud sigh. “Alas, the torment of a vampire’s heart is misunderstood at best and disregarded at worst.”
Aleric waited until the vampire stopped speaking to ask, “Are you being serious?”
Dartan sat back up. “I’m being dramatic. I thought you could tell the difference.”
Aleric raised a hand to catch Iris’ attention.
“What are you doing?” Dartan asked.
“I’m going to tell her to go ahead and stab you,” Aleric replied.

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Author Bio:
Cheree Alsop is an award-winning, best-selling author who has published over 35 books, including two series through Stonehouse Ink. She is the mother of a beautiful, talented daughter and amazing twin sons who fill every day with joy and laughter. She is married to her best friend, Michael, the light of her life and her soulmate who shares her dreams and inspires her by reading the first drafts and giving much appreciated critiques. Cheree works as a fulltime author and mother, which is more play than work! She enjoys reading, traveling to tropical beaches, riding motorcycles, spending time with her wonderful children, and going on family adventures while planning her next book.

Cheree and Michael live in Utah where they rock out, enjoy the outdoors, plan great quests, and never stop dreaming.

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Dr. Wolf, the Fae Rift Series Book 2: Demon Spiral --- DOUBLE GIVEAWAY

Book 2- Demon Spiral:
When the head doctor’s daughter is bitten by a goblin, Dr. Wolf is forced to the edge of his limits to save her life. Other victims show up, turning the chance attack into one calculated to send a message. With the safety of the human race hanging in the balance, Dr. Wolf has to find out how an Archdemon made it to Edge City. The answer could mean life or death for the young woman whose blue eyes and warm smile have stolen his heart. 

Book excerpt for blog (if you want to use it):

A slight sound caught Aleric’s ear. He hesitated near a room on the left. The door was shut. He reached for the doorknob and turned it slowly. The door swung inward with a slight creak.

“Come out, come out,” Aleric said. His heart thundered in his chest. He took a step inside the dark room, then another. There were no windows or emergency lighting; only the rectangle of dim light from the doorway spilled inside to illuminate the shadows along the wall.

It appeared to be an equipment room of some sort. Stacks of chairs, a few tables, and short, moveable walls had been placed randomly inside. Aleric squinted, wishing he was in wolf form so he could see better. If he phased, the Dark fae beast would be far stronger than him and he wouldn’t have the ability to use the cord or anything else against it. He might be faster, but given the creature’s reaction to him earlier, he wasn’t sure if he could get the gargoyle to chase him.

Aleric was nearly to the back wall when his eyes made out the form hunched in the far corner. It had curved edges where everything else in the storage room was straight and severe. His ears picked up the faintest breath shuddering from huge lungs. The deep bellows sound of the gargoyle’s heart caught Aleric’s ears. He pretended not to notice it, turning just enough so that his course led him past the creature instead of straight to it.

Feigning nonchalance, Aleric stooped and picked up a thick book. He flipped it open as he walked past the creature.

“Interesting. Mmmhmmm. Very interesting.” He flipped through the pages. He was nearly past the gargoyle when he slammed the book shut and threw it at the creature’s face. The book hit it right on the snout. The gargoyle reared back in surprise.

“Gotcha,” Aleric told the huge creature.

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Superhero Saturday - Rock N Roll

Meet Rock N Roll

Stats,Specializations or Special Skills: 
Martial Arts instructor, CERT team member, Neighborhood Watch Block Captain, graduate of Citizen's Police Academy, Co-founder of the California branch of the Initiative, Founder of Superheroines Initiative, Co-host and creator of HEROES 101 Radio

Deirdra: City you protect or advocate group: 
Rock N Roll: San Francisco Bay Area, We are a branch of the Initiative (that group you saw in the Superheroes documentary). 

Deirdra: Who or what inspired you to become a superhero? Those that interview us always ask if there was a single event that I could point to that started me down this path. (Interviewers are always looking for that one movie moment.) Unfortunately, the impetus or my origin wasn’t the result of one specific event, but rather, the culmination of several. I’ve been through some personal horror - abuse, molestation as a child, homelessness, the murder of two friends … some pretty horrific shit. Thankfully, those tragedies, those negative experiences strengthened my resolve to not let the same things happen to anyone I knew, or to myself, ever again.

Deirdra: How did you come up with your superhero name?Rock N Roll: I’ve been a musician all my life. I ride a motorcycle. I believe in solid foundations and I believe in letting things flow on their own. I’m also a martial artist/instructor and a certified massage therapist (CMT). How could I come up with anything more fitting than “Rock N Roll”? And to be frank, there were enough RLSH out there with names blatantly borrowed from other comic-book characters. 

Deirdra: Who made your costume?
Rock N Roll: I put together my costumes.

Deirdra: If you could have any super power what would it be? Rock N Roll: My super power would be “instant empathy.” I could point to you and you would suddenly understand more about whatever it is you need to understand at the moment. I’d also like to have healing powers; they’d come in handy everywhere I went.
Deirdra: What do you hope to accomplish?Rock N Roll: We hope to have a branch of the Initiative in every state and on every continent. We've already got nine branches across the U.S. and in the U.K.

Deirdra: What do you for your day job? 
Rock N Roll: I'm an author and a CMT (Certified Massage Therapist)

Deirdra: Are the police supportive or do they see you as a lawless vigilante? 
Rock N Roll: As graduates of Citizen's Police Academy we've had a great, working relationship with our local PD for four years now. We are on their volunteer list and often help with local events. 
Deirdra: Are you in danger by doing what you do?  
Rock N Roll: Yes, everything we do has an element of danger, but then again, so does walking down the street. 

Deirdra: Are you stopping crimes and helping people?Rock N Roll: Yes. Whenever we patrol, we help to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations. Whenever we help someone get home, we reduce the chances of them being attacked. Whenever we teach a free self-defense seminar, we empower people to defend themselves and to keep from becoming a victim in the first place. Whenever we give someone a free meal (especially during our weekly outreach events), we keep them from having to steal in order to survive.

We've helped to keep robbery suspects from evading the police, we've stopped vandals from destroying a school, we've stopped people from destroying vehicles, we've helped police catch drunk drivers. There are too many examples to list. 
Deirdra: What does your significant other think of you being a superhero? What does your family think? 
Rock N Roll: My husband was an RLSH before I was, so I'd say he's okay with it. ;) Our family is supportive and often joins us on our outreach events. 
Deirdra: Does your mom know you are doing this? 
Rock N Roll: I'd like to think she can see me from heaven.

Deirdra: Do you have a weakness?
My weakness is little kids and animals. Everything else takes a backseat to helping or spending time with them.
Deirdra: How long have you been doing this? 
Rock N Roll: Five years as an RLSH. Forever as myself. For instance, 10 years ago I started a charity organization of musicians that raised money for kids with childhood diseases.

Deirdra: What is the most frustrating thing about being a superhero? 
Rock N Roll: Feeling like you're only putting a band-aid on a gaping wound. 

Deirdra: Do you keep a secret identity, is so, why? Is it hard to keep a secret identity? 
I do. I don't want to make it easy for the world to find me or my family. In this day and age, that's close to impossible to do, but I try anyway. 
Deirdra: How did those close to you react when you became a superhero
Rock N Roll: They weren't surprised and wanted to know how they could help.

Deirdra: Who is your hero? 
Rock N Roll: My mother. She was the original superhero. Her kindness is still talked about, 15 years after her death. My husband is also my hero. He's a kind human being. My sons are also my heroes. They're amazing people and I'm honored to be a part of their lives. 

Deirdra: What do you want the people of your community to know?
Rock N Roll: Those who think Real Life Superheroes have no real super powers are wrong. We have a few, the greatest of which is the ability to draw attention to and shine a light on the problems in society and the people who need saving. We also draw attention to those whose efforts dwarf our own, and we do all this by simply donning a costume and hitting the streets.
This is our super power.


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Girl from the Stars Completely Series Giveaway

That's right this is a Completely Series Giveaway of Girl from the Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please leave a comment and your email below for a change to win the entire series of Girl from the Stars!!!

Series Review-

“Girl from the Stars is an entirely new take on the space opera genre. It’s refreshing to read about a strong heroine and genuine villains who feel real and mutli-dimensional. I liked the new races she has created, and the planets, battles, and space travel keep it fresh and exciting. I am very much looking forward to the rest of the books in this series. If they’re anything like this one, I’ll be up all night thinking about the delightful storyline and the heartbreaking path of the heroine.”- Suzanne McCarthy, Goodreads Reviewer

Snippet from the Series-

“To live is a choice. You want, you need, you desire more than you have at this moment, and you strive for those things. You don’t settle; you fight for things to be better. You choose to reach for the next star, for the next emotion. You long for love, for acceptance, to belong. To truly live means to accept failure and to get up again.” He looked at her. “Yet to live is harder because there are consequences. What you do today impacts tomorrow. You have to decide what is worth carrying in your life, what direction you are heading, and what will guide your footsteps. Your friend has already made that decision.”

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Superhero Saturday - The Xeno Of Portland

Xeno -

Superhero name: The Xeno
Stats, Specializations or Special Skills:
Extremely intelligent, technologically adept, self proclaimed historian, strategist, generally sneaky, quick learner, proficient in hoodkwondo, trainee in Aikido.

Deirdra: Who or what inspired you to become a superhero?
The Xeno: Watching bad things happen all around me, and hearing all the people complaining about said things but never offer a solution. To me, that's called whining; and I am no whiner. That is what spawned the interest to do it, but I always thought it wouldn't be taken seriously until I read an article about Guardian Shield - a local Superhero from a town not too far from here. That's when I knew that I wasn't the only one, and that if I really wanted to do it, I could, and it would be taken seriously.

Deirdra: How did you come up with your superhero name?
The Xeno: Ever seen the movie Alien? My name and persona are almost directly based on the Xenomorph. I decided to use it after I was playing an alien video game, and in it the Xeno hunts you constantly based on sight, smell, and hearing within the game. You can never kill it; and it always comes back, no matter how much you throw at it. Seemed fitting.

Deirdra: Who made your costume?
The Xeno: My costume is merely a pieced together uniform with various different clothing items, so I guess I technically "made it" but the real credit goes to the clothing companies haha. 

Deirdra: If you could have any super power what would it be?
The Xeno: Power absorption; the ability to draw energy and power from virtually any source. So basically rouge on steroids, or my personal favorite comparison a super saiyan.

Deirdra: What do you hope to accomplish?
The Xeno: I hope to accomplish whatever I have to in order to restore peace and justice to my community, and then if I succeed here at home, I will do the same elsewhere wherever I may be needed.

Deirdra: What do you for your day job?
The Xeno: I attend highschool and do landscaping work for folks in my neighborhood. Once finished with highschool I hope to find a job in security.

Deirdra: Are the police supportive or do they see you as a lawless vigilante?
The Xeno: Haha, that's a funny one. The one time I have encountered the police, I attempted to wave them down to introduce myself - they stopped a block ahead, turned around, and practically broke their neck looking at me in full (Ghetto man) costume. They didn't stop, they didn't slow down, and I know they saw me. So that told me either they were able to somehow know what I was trying to do, OR they simply didn't care and turned a blind eye to a masked individual carrying a club at 1:30 in the morning. Either way, I thought it was best to continue my patrols.

Deirdra: Are you in danger by doing what you do?
The Xeno: Possibly, there are a lot of druggies in my area and some shady characters but the only difference between being a superhero and being a civilian to me is the mask. I am always patrolling my neighborhood during the night, even out of costume while I walk to a friends house or to the store. So realistically, I am in danger all the time; in fact, I feel safer while in costume as I think criminals will be less inclined to make a move on someone that looks like a superhero/vigilante.

Deirdra: Are you stopping crimes and helping people? 
The Xeno: Well my goal is to do both; to me stopping crime is helping people, and helping people makes my community a more positive place. To be fair my only 'real' superhero deed happened just recently, in which I went to the convince store by my house and as I left I found a silver wallet on the ground. I picked it up and thought about turning it into the store, but I decided to look what was in it instead. I found it contained a guys Oregon trail card, Social Security card, debit card, insurance card, and his adult soccer league ID - however it didn't have a state ID, so I couldn't find his address or anything to go on. So, with some doubt in my mind I hopped on Facebook and looked up the name on the card, and it didn't take long to find someone that fit the profile, so I messaged him. A week later he messaged me back confirming its ownership by detailing exactly what was in the wallet, along with his number. So that night I called, we met up, and he got his important items back; when he tried to give me a reward I refused and simply told him to pay it forward, and to spread the word that Portland has a new protector.

Deirdra: What does your significant other think of you being a superhero? What does your family think?
The Xeno: The only people that know about my line of work are my grandparents, dad, and best friend. Both my grandparents and dad fully support it, they just want me to be safe, and my best friend thinks its funny, but doesn't really take it seriously.

Does your mom know you are doing this?
The Xeno: Negatory, I'm sure she would support it but I don't need maw worrying about me all the time. That and she can't keep her mouth shut for more than a minute haha

Deirdra: Do you have a weakness? 
The Xeno: Nicotine dependency. It puts me at a disadvantage and I know it, but for some reason I just can't shake the nasty habit.

Deirdra: What is the most frustrating thing about being a superhero?
The Xeno: The expectations and differences in methods, opinions, ect. Not everyone does things the same, but everyone seems to think their ways are the right and ideal way.

Deirdra:Do you keep a secret identity, if so, why? Is it hard to keep a secret identity?
The Xeno: I do keep a secret identity; I feel it is necessary for any superhero as part of what makes them work is being these enigmatic mysteries. If everyone knew who Bruce Wayne was, do you think the batman would be as effective?

Deirdra: How did those close to you react when you became a superhero?
The Xeno: Well, when I was making my mask my mom walked in and thought I was preparing to rob a bank haha.

Deirdra: Who is your hero?
The Xeno: My grandfather and Johnny cash.
I also look up to daredevil a lot, his abilities despite being blind is nothing but inspiring.

Deirdra: What do you want the people of your community to know?
The Xeno: To the scumbag criminals:
There's a new player in town, and this one is called the Xeno. He is the new guardian of Portland - evil doers beware, and stay frosty if you know what's good for you. He's the feeling you get when you are being watched.
To the honest citizens:

Do something good for someone; we need less s***** people in this world, and it can start with you. One man is capable of only so much, the community needs you as well to make a stand, and do something positive.