"Deirdra writes like a Disney movie, so many magical characters and elements and you end the book with delight when you realize it is the first book in a series of six. So there will be plenty more to come, and I for one cannot wait!"

"I found The Watchers to be spellbindingly well written. From the brilliant dedication at the beginning of the book to the awesome powers of description, this story is amazing. Right from the very first page, you cannot put it down."

"The Watchers is all about Auriella and the world of the Neviahan…strong and brave celestial beings; evoking every fairy tale you have ever read and coming up with something really special for all age groups to enjoy."

-Anita Dawes, Book Reviewer

Sam Hadlock, Book Reviewer said:
"Originally my husband received this book and was asked to review it, funny thing is I'm the one who ended up reading it instead, months later. He's a huge fantasy head, and me? I fall asleep halfway through the first chapter. At first I dismissed The Watchers by Deirdra Eden as being just another one of those fantasy novels until picking it up yesterday for something to read to my children. Haha! Needless to say I finished the book last night while my children slept. I was unexpectedly hooked and didn't want to stop reading."

"Even people who don't like fantasy will enjoy this book. It's a historical fantasy, taking place in England in 1200 AD, and while there are fantasy aspects, the author gives us a well-researched a glimpse at that period. The book focuses more on self-discovery than magic, dragons, and fairies (which are in this book.)"

As Michael Smith of Bee Zee Books says, "It's unusual in that it would suite children through to matured adults."

"This book's content was super clean, with only one remotely violent description (of a monster who is killed), and NO sexual content or profanity. This book is appropriate for young readers, and they're going to love it."
Tat, Amazon Reviewer

With that in mind please note that the books do get more intense as the series continues. I don't add profanity or anything sexual, but there is a little violence. Sorry, can't have a real sword fight without swords. Again, think Harry Potter for the violence threshold. In fact, those books might have more.

"I just finished The Watchers, Knight of Light not even ten minutes ago! All I want to do is rave about this book. It has a positive message of self discovery, and I loved relating to the characters. My last year has been particularly challenging and has taught me a lot about myself, just as Auriella experienced an epic journey of change and strength. I felt more empowered with every page. I loved Author Deirdra Eden's descriptive style. Her imagery, metaphors, and creativity was amazing. I could sense the emotions, landscapes, and sounds as if I was a direct observer in the novel. I cannot say enough great things about this book and need to discuss it in depth with fellow readers. Thank you Deirdra for giving me a getaway of adventure, enlightening, and education! You are a talented writer!"
 -Marissa Anderson

"Originally my husband received this book and was asked to review it, funny thing is I'm the one who ended up reading it instead, months later. He's a huge fantasy head, and me? I fall asleep halfway through the first chapter.

 At first I dismissed The Watchers by Deirdra Eden as being just another one of those fantasy novels until picking it up yesterday for something to read to my children. Haha! Needless to say I finished the book last night while my children slept. I was unexpectedly hooked and didn't want to stop reading. The first chapter is exciting and descriptive, and surprisingly so!

Deirdra is very talented and not at all the novice I expected her to be. I was surprised at how well she tied this story into what real life is actually about, as well as proud of the positive and realistic message she is sending to teens. I couldn't agree more with the novel's spiritual undertones. This one is a diamond in the rough because of the truth it reflects. I never read series, especially those sporting fairies and dwarfs, but I know I'll be making an exception for The Watchers series. Thanks for a good read!"
-Sam Hadlock

"The way its written seems to reach out to the individual -- not just via sensory route of vision but reaches out to the person's soul. In one word, amazing."

" Got the book and my 12 year old read half of it in one day. He is almost done."
Noelle from Taylorsville

"Young adults and even grown-ups who like a quick read and a good adventure will enjoy it too. While reading, I found myself wishing I had a nerdy bookworm kid with whom to share it."
"She’s well qualified to write the action scenes in this book. And looks the part as well. "
Elizabeth West, Book Reviewer

“Action, adventure, and a touch of romance--KNIGHT OF LIGHT has it all, including a heroine who discovers incredible powers within herself, two lovable sidekicks, and villains of epic proportions. Great read for tweens everywhere.”
Angela Morrison, MFA, Author of TAKEN BY STORM (Penguin/Razorbill, March 2009) and SING ME TO SLEEP (Penguin/Razorbill, March 2010)

"Deirdra Eden masterfully creates a world of warm characters, believable magic, and thrilling scenes. 
I loved reading Knight of Light and eagerly look forward to her next installment of this wonderful tale."
Gregg Luke, author of BLOODBORNE and DO NO HARM.

"When Deirdra announced her book coming out, and that she was looking for readers in the teen age group, I asked if I could pretend I was a teen.......Her family always seemed to be doing something adventurous. I was hoping Knight of Light would be another book full of adventure and fantasy just like her family. Not disappointed at all."
Adelina, Book Reviewer

"From the very first pages, I was struck by the story – it flowed so well, not a word wasted and no extra words needed. The timeline is excellent – the build-up of the story starts on page one and carries you on to the very last page without any letup. It’s a hard book to put down – I wanted to carry on reading as I delved deeper and that’s from someone who, prior to this, has never read fantasy.

I truly believe that Deirdra Eden has a winner with this – it’s a book with wide appeal, from children through to more mature readers. I loved every moment of this book and can say truthfully that it’s one of the very best I’ve read in a long time. I am highly recommending it and give it a 5 star review without hesitation. The Watchers by Deirdra Eden"

Michael Smith of Bee Zee Books

"Recently I was asked to read a fantasy book for a pre-launch review - not something I normally do. However, I agreed and, to my surprise, I found the book, 'The Watchers: Knight of The Light,' by Deirdra Eden, to be well edited with a great story-line that I enjoyed immensely and felt would suit a wide age group of young to mature adults.
In no way is Deirdra Eden connected to beezeebooks, but I really believe this author has a winner. The book goes on sale on Amazon in September."

"The way its written seems to reach out to the individual -- not just via sensory route of vision but reaches out to the person's soul. In one word, amazing."
ARC Reader

"Deirdra crafts colorful and captivating stories, making make-believe believable. She paints a fairy tale into engaging adventures.
Follow the journey of [Aureilla] as she discovers how powerful a simple girl really can be. Your heart and mind get pulled along in the excitement while you wonder what will happen next."
Sarah Johnson

 Deirdra is a passionate and insightful storyteller. This carefully crafted tale makes “suspension of disbelief” easy. I was instantly carried away to another time and place and happily invested in her characters. Knight of Light a wondrous novel for middle readers. It will encourage them to become all that they can be in their own worlds.
Stephanie Abney, book reviewer for Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Deirdra Eden is a master at making her world and characters live and breathe. Full of twists and turns and delightful surprises, Knight of Light is an intriguing book well worth reading."
Karen Hoover, award winning author of THE SAPPHIRE FLUTE and creator of The Wolfchild Saga.

"Deirdra creates a believable fantasy world that is not only magical, but gritty and dark. Knight of Light is an exciting read that’s tough to put down!"
Jeff Blackmer, author of DRAEGNSTOEN and HIGHLAND KING

"Deirdra Eden is a writer of extraordinary talent and vision. She has created a vivid, fast-paced novel in Knight of Light. This story will fire young readers' imaginations and keep them turning every page to the thrilling end."
Joyce DiPastena, Whitney Award Finalist and RWA Heart of the West winning author of LOYALTY'S WEB and ILLUMINATIONS OF THE HEART.

"Deirdra's vivid descriptions and compelling characters make Knight of Light an entertaining read."
Cheri Chesley, author of The Peasant Queen

"Deirdra Eden is a gifted story-teller, and it shines through within these pages. The characters enchant me and add to the charm of this wonderful tale of survival and love."
Elizabeth Mueller, award winning author of Darkspell, YA Paranormal Romance

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Deirdra. She was eager to figure out how to make her story the best it could be. It's obvious she is passionate about this story and eager to share it with others. From the beginning, it was evident from Deirdra's writing that she works hard to make her writing shine. She let action drive her story and presented me with a fairly clean manuscript to look over."
Ranee` Clark

"Deirdra brings us an enchanting novel with a wealth of spellbinding characters and spectacular adventure. In this beautiful and entrancing read your best friend is a pixie and your main hotty is a knight."
Stephanie Fowers, author of Rules of Engagement, Meet Your Match, Prank Wars and the Twisted Tales.

"Knight of Light is destined to become a fan favorite!"
Michele Ashman Bell, book reviewer for Meridian Magazine and author of A SUMMER IN PARIS, A CANDLE IN THE WINDOW and the Butterfly Box Series.

 "...beautifully crafted and a truly great fantasy. I especially loved how Cassi hid in Ruburt’s beard. It felt at the end as if you were heading toward a sequel. If so, I really want to read it! It was really nice of you to let me read your work. Many times I said to myself, "Darn, I wish I thought of that!"
Erika Luke, future bestselling fantasy author and daughter of author, Gregg Luke.

“Eden has a lyrical writing style and paints a vivid, visual image of Auriella and her world. The fairytale quality resonated through the story and kept a magical feel woven into the plot and characters. I particularly liked Cassi, the pixie. She’s a feisty little creature who adds a bit of humor to the plot. The story is enchanting and Deirdra Eden writes with passion and purpose.”

“Fans of this genre will enjoy this powerful and entertaining story, and for those who haven’t tried fantasy, might just discover the magical quality of stories like Knight of Light
Meridian Magazine
Article by Michele Ashman Bell

I love this. You have captured both the spirit and the style of traditional fairy stories - with ancient themes of creation and the conflict between good and bad, all in language reminiscent of Aesop and the Brothers Grimm.
Jo Carroll author of 
The Storm Drain 

“I am seriously impressed at your ability to create such a profound mythological story, with beautiful, evocative use of language, and still make it appeal to young readers.”
Tony Judge author of 
Sirocco Express

“The prologue creation story is delightful, and sets the tone for what appears to be an enchanting struggle of good versus evil. Your characters are believable, despite the fact we're clearly in the fantasy genre here. Your writing is direct, descriptive and pleasing.”

Mark Mayfield, magazine editor, 
author of The Prophet of Doom 

“This is one of the greatest fairy tales ever told. KNIGHT OF LIGHT is more than just a book, it is a epic allegory comparable to the works of C.S. Lewis and other great Christian writers.”
Penny A. Reay

“The opening felt slightly biblical and that’s probably what pulled me in since I’m not a typical reader of this genre. Also like the mythological touch. Reads like the kind of fairy tale that grabs a modern child’s imagination: our kids are bombarded with so much information these days that they’re more sophisticated than previous generations and I felt your story has the right “layering” to keep them interested. …The “knightess” angle is cool, everyone likes a fun fearless female.”
Dania E. author of
The It! Refugee 

“The opening scene had a very folklorish or fairytale feel to it. I really liked the beautiful way you opened your novel. Then the story of the little girl and the wolves continued that fairytale vibe with a very modern twist. I was totally immersed in your world. Fun read!”
ML Hamilton author of

“Knight of Light is a delightful imaginative story that is wholesome, and a pleasure to read, as well as a lot of fun.
This is the kind of uplifting and imaginative material we want in our lives and the lives of our children and loves ones, as well as participate in an enjoy ourselves. We applaud this work for its moral, integrity, delight and purity in thought, word and actions, while delights our creative intelligence and senses of adventure.”
Barbara B.
Educator and Seminar Instructor

“This is a compelling read. You write in an assured style. The fantastic and the mysterious nature of the writing is completely engaging. Great! Backing this now to show my support.”
Elinor Evans author of
In it for the Holidays

“This is a great story. I love how it opened, it read like an ancient myth. Then it turned into a fairy tale. Very imaginative. Can't see anything in it to critique.”
“Aislingb” author of
Once More with Feeling 

“Now that I've read your partial, I'm convinced that you have a great story here. I love the pixie, Cassi.”
Sheryl J. Dunn author of

“This is exciting. It’s a great fantasy and I absolutely loved it…
I love your writing style, it’s easy to read. Great characterization and dialogue. This is a delightful book.”
S.A. Stone author of
Eden Falls 

I look forward to the rest of the series, as I was sad to see the characters go. The worldbuilding is intriguing and unique, and Deirdra Eden has crafted a story enjoyable by anyone who enjoys fantasy, magic, adventure, and action--especially middle grade and young adult readers. My only wish is that the book had been just a little bit longer. So much happens and there are so many ideas introduced that I can't help but wish for more. I'll definitely be interested in following this series.
Jenna, Book Reviewer


For Book #4

This is perhaps the most revealing and emotional book so far, which is ironic (in these times) considering it's from a male point of view.  I couldn't help but think as I read, how much this world needs the distinctions between different kinds of Love depicted in book 3/4, and the hunger so many have for human role models who embody the purity and passion between A&A , and the selflessness love and wisdom of Alamar as he still retains his engaging personality after he "grows up"/becomes immortal. Strength in tenderness, and tenderness in strength between siblings, admirers, and unrequited lovers...and what the opposite looks like and manifests.

These are the challenges of our times across eons, right now...and always. These stories simplifies what our culture needs to do to "grow up" and claim our sacred birthrights with Grace, Wisdom, Compassion, and Love."
Susan P.


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