Book Review and Guest Post Policy

A Storybook World is a site for people of all ages which is why we can’t market books that are erotic, contain foul language or other offensive material.
We promote books that would be considered family friendly and uplifting.
Thank you so much for your courtesy and compliance.

Guest Post:
We love guest posts. Please email us your publicity posts to edenliterary AT Gmail .com.
Family Friendly books only!

Book Reviews:
I have around 20 people who read and review books for me. They use anonymous names
and are completely honest about your book. They will also rate your book from 1 - 5
I post your synopsis/pitch along with a cover and they volunteer to read your book on a
first come first serve basis. Hard copies and children's books usually get picked up
right away.
I can't edit their reviews, but if you would like to see the review before I post it, please let
me know.
If you are interested in having a reader review your books please email a copy to
edenliterary AT Gmail .com.
Family Friendly books only!

For Restaurant Reviews:
You must be in Portland, Oregon or surrounding area.

You get three reviews. One from Leif, Deirdra, and Kal'el.
You can always look over the review before it is posted.
Review and stars will be posted on Google and Yelp.
Please email me if you are the manager or owner and would like us to come visit.
EdenLiterary AT Gmail .com

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