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The Way of Gratitude by Hannah Rowen Fry

“May we rest in goodness, gratitude, and wonder all the days of our lives.” Hannah Rowen Fry writes thoughtful reflections on Scripture, inviting you to marvel at God’s character in The Way of Gratitude.


The Way of Gratitude features:


21 original devotionals based on Scripture

Space to be curious and to be in awe of the Word of God

Prompts to reflect, pray, and journal

Beautiful, minimal design

21-day tracking sheet

Additional resources including more devotionals and accompanying music playlist are available on


Experience greater joy in the present moment as you learn about gratitude as a lifestyle. Allow the Holy Spirit to transform your life through reading Scripture and responding to the Word of God without legalism, judgment, or guilt. Slow down and choose simplicity; rest in God’s goodness.


ISBN-10: 8988895411

ISBN-13: 979-8988895411


Print Length: 84 pages


You can purchase a copy on Amazon,, or Barnes and Noble. You will also want to add it to your reading list on GoodReads.


About the Author


Hannah Rowen Fry is a writer, speaker, and encourager. Her writing consists of observations of daily life, and uses daily reflections to guide others to live out their God-given purpose. Hannah's passion is to help others experience greater joy in the present moment. She shares practical tips, helpful resources, and clear purposeful steps to abide in Jesus daily without legalism, judgment, or guilt. Her thoughtful reflections on Scripture invite those who have felt overwhelmed with their lifestyle, thoughts, or schedule to slow down and choose simplicity. Guided by encouragement, generosity, gratitude, and a healthy dose of responsibility, readers are invited to experience freedom as they find spiritual rhythms that cultivate faith and help them step into their God-purpose. Hannah lives in Jacksonville Beach, Florida with her husband Matt, and spends most of her free time walking on the beach, frolicking around Disney World, and listening to Taylor Swift. Read more about her and her work at


Find her online at:


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