Thursday, May 9, 2024

Tweaks by Terry Deighton


Having a genetically enhanced ability sounds great—until it happens. Henry Johnson has a best friend, a crush, a life-long enemy, and no idea his life is a science project.

In sixth-grade, average may mean boring, but at least it also means avoiding freakdom. Henry is all kinds of average, but then other people’s thoughts start popping into his head. He thinks he’s going crazy before he discovers he’s one of several kids with genetically modified abilities, including the school bully. How did they get tweaked? To find out, Henry must brave family betrayal, his parent’s abduction by a greedy scientist, and even becoming frenemies with the bully. Can the Tweaks use their new abilities to thwart Dr. Grey’s plans to sell the gene-altering procedure to a foreign military?

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About the Author

Terry Deighton lives with her husband in the northwestern corner of Washington (That’s the state, not DC.) with whom she’s rocking the retired life. That means, more and more, a rocking chair and less and less rock and roll. She enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, reading, and getting her characters into trouble. In past years, she worked as a substitute teacher. Mr. Goetz in her kids Tweaks series is wiser and cooler, but he's made up, so it doesn't count. “Mrs. Deighton” started out to be a high school English teacher, but raising six kids turned into a fulltime job. During those years, her dream of writing books for young people grew until she had to do something about it. The Tweaks series is the fulfillment of that dream.


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