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There Is No Such Thing as Time, There Are Only Cycles and Seasons


There Is No Such Thing as Time,

There Are Only Cycles and Seasons

By Deirdra Eden

Based on her book Time Management for Creative People


The first step to controlling time is to realize that the concept of time, as we have been taught, is only a mortal construct. It is the attempt by humans to exert a measure of control over the natural world and calculate the intangible flow of cycles and seasons.

However, this method painfully disconnects creators from natural energy cycles in order to conform to the eight-hour work shifts and deadlines of corporate and industrial productivity. Creative people don’t always work within finite mathematical boundaries.

Just like the earth, creativity also goes through seasons. Spring has fertile newness with exciting potential. Summer is the height of growth. Autumn is harvest time. And winter allows you to rest and gain strength again.


Creative cycles can be born through weeks of preparation or instantly when an idea strikes or you wake up from an inspiring dream.

This young creative idea is fresh, new, and exciting. Even though the creative project is in the fragile beginning stages, the creator feels a drive to enhance it and help it blossom into a full-grown creation that will produce beauty and/or bounty.


During this peak time, creators do their best work. You do not feel the panic or doubt of developing a newborn idea. You are often absorbed in the work and can experience adrenaline rushes and extra energy that will drive you to stay up late, get up early, skip meals, and take time off from other activities to work on the project. Sometimes you will have euphoric thoughts about the project and its success.


A creator in the autumn phase of their cycle will often refine work and take time to critique it while at the same time admiring it. This is the best time to refine the work because creators can step back from the work and look at it with a critical eye without interrupting the creative flow. Then creators reap their own harvest and rewards by publishing the creation, displaying it, sharing it, selling it, or gifting it.


A natural end to a creative period is normal, yet sometimes creators will feel guilty for not working on a project or they may miss the excitement of a new project. Sometimes creativity is dormant, especially during times of stress, depression, fatigue, or illness. Sometimes creativity evolves.

Some people call this writer’s block or artist’s slum, but it is part of the natural cycle of creativity and should be embraced.

For creative people this is the time to prepare for the next project. Generally, the better the preparation, the longer the next creative life cycle will last.


The Natural Cycle

We enter these same seasons and cycles in different phases and contexts throughout our lives and our creative journeys. Asking the question, “What season am I/is this in?” can bring a reassuring clarity to a convoluted situation.

In every phase it is important to remember that this is just a season of your life, and not your whole entire life. Give yourself grace and permission to slow down or pick up the pace depending on what is happening in your world right now and the season of your personal and creative life.

For more information, please see Time Management for Creative People by Deirdra Eden. This is a workbook with an in-depth perspective about seasons and cycles as well as creative personality types and energy flow. Amazon Link:


About Deirdra Eden:

Deirdra Eden loves studying people and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Behavioral Studies and is currently working on her Behavioral Science Master’s Degree in Counseling.

Deirdra spends time writing books including her Amazon Best-selling series The Watchers. She enjoys illustrating children’s books, painting in all mediums, exploring the woods, searching for shells on the beach, going on adventures with her family, spending time with animals, reading, exercising, martial arts, weapons training, aiding in rescue missions, making organic soap, baking, yoga, hanging out with friends, taming feral cats, playing in the water, hunting for bigfoot, teaching, public speaking, archery, sewing, designing clothing, testing out survival gear, studying history and mythology, working on soundscapes, recording her online vlog, writing music and lyrics, making music videos, collecting higher education and getting more degrees and certifications, traveling, getting to know people from many cultures, cookie decorating, working with power tools to remodel homes and businesses, gardening, meditating, running, designing coloring pages, sculpting, volunteering with community services to help crime victims, writing grants, decorating with things made from nature, naps in the sunshine with the kitties, and completing to do lists.






























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Sins of Our Mothers by Nicole Souza

Book Summary

It has been fifteen hundred years since the solar flare devastation of the Global Catastrophe. Due to the radioactivity in the harvesting fields, society dismisses its defective children as nothing more than flawed products of the malfunctioned seeds in the field.


But Lyratelle, a hyper-observant musical prodigy, believes these “defects” are intelligent, particularly her own sibling, the youngest child of her impervious mother. Abandoning her dream career, Lyratelle climbs the bureaucratic ladder to run the Defect Research Center, where she can safeguard the child.

With an underground team of women who share her uncertainties, Lyratelle unearths the Old History truth that womankind’s survival actually hinges on the existence of these defects.

When General Sarah Love, the city’s most powerful advocate against the defects, detects Lyratelle’s sympathy toward the creatures, she threatens the life of Lyratelle’s sibling.

Now Lyratelle’s desperate attempt to save this child endangers everyone she loves—her team, her family, even the existence of the defects themselves.

Print Length: 358 Pages

Genre: Dystopian Fiction


Publisher: E.L. Marker 



Sins of Our Mothers is available to purchase now on


About the Author, Nicole Souza


Nicole’s fuel is conversation. She loves hearing people’s stories and glimpsing the experiences that make them who they are. With a particular interest in women’s history and their individual stories, she has birthed a story that provides all the ingredients for a thought-provoking read.

You can discover more about Nicole’s work on her website:


Goblin Tacos by Deirdra Eden


This is a pretty good recipe that I've modified a bit for humans (and to be healthy.)

Goblin Tacos

3 C shredded cheese
12 tortillas
2 cans black beans (rinsed and drained)
2 cans of corn (rinsed and drained)
1 red pepper diced
1 orange pepper diced
1 yellow or green pepper diced
12 oz turkey bacon diced and cooked

In a hot ungreased pot, cook turkey bacon for 3 minutes. Stirring often.
Add corn and beans, cook 3 minutes. Stirring often.
Add peppers, cook 3 minutes. Stirring often.
Add cheese and cook until melted. Stirring often.

The mixture will make its own sauce.  
Add mixture to tortillas and eat like a taco or roll it to make a burrito. 

Friday, April 30, 2021

Time to Reset by Karen Brown Tyson


Book Summary


Has your life been interrupted? Do you want to know how to move forward? It's time to stop running in circles. When we experience setbacks and disappointments in life, God is ready to not only offer refuge but is prepared to provide redirection.

In Time to Reset: A 21-Day Devotional to Renew Your Mind After Being Sidelined, Disappointed or Knocked Off Course, Karen Brown Tyson helps us: 

  • learn how to surrender to God's plan,
  • become the best version of ourselves, God created us to be; and
  • refresh our faith.

How can we get our lives back on track and find time to connect with God? This 21-day devotional will show you how to reset your mindset to move forward with renewed strength.


This book is now available for purchase on Amazon, Thrift Books, and Barnes and Noble. You can also add this to your GoodReads reading list.


About the Author, Karen Brown Tyson

Karen Brown Tyson is an award-winning author. Her first book, Time to Refresh: A 21-Day Devotional to Renew Your Mind After Being Laid Off, Fired or Sidelined, was named 2019 Finalist in the Religion: Christian Inspirational Category of the 2019 Best Book Awards.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from West Virginia University and a Master of Arts in English from National University.  In addition, Karen has a Master of Arts degree in Christian Ministry and postgraduate certificates in Christian Leadership, Theological Studies and Biblical Studies from Liberty University Rawlings School of Divinity. Her ministry concentration focuses on the expository teaching of the Word of God in the areas of spiritual discipline, discipleship, leadership, apologetics and New Testament theology.

 Karen has served in God’s kingdom in a variety of ways including her most recent assignments with the Deacon's Wives, Women, Evangelism, Social Media and Helps ministries at her church, Elevation Baptist Church. Karen also serves as the Dean of the Elevation Bible Institute where she teaches courses on spiritual discipline, evangelism, and Christian apologetics.

 She is a graduate of the Jerry Jenkins Christian Writer’s Guild apprentice program. As a writer, she has developed several Christian ministry tools and training materials for her local church.

Karen and her husband of 25 years, Kelvin, have one son and they live in North Carolina.

 Find Karen online:

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Rocky Roadkill Recipe by Deirdra Eden


This is one of my best and I have tested it out on lots of proselyting missionaries before sharing it with my readers.


1 1/2 package of chocolate chips

1 1/2 Cup marshmallows

1 1/2 Cup of animal crackers

1 package of Reeses Peanut Butter Chips


1. Melt chocolate and remove from heat

2. Stir in the rest of the ingredients (do not re-melt)

3. Pour on wax paper and lightly fold

4. Freeze one hour

5. Cut and enjoy

Step 2:

Step 3:

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Unicorn Fudge Recipe by Deirdra Eden

I have been working on the recipe for a while now and got it perfect. Its great for those who like a very soft fudge.

I am so excited to share it with all my friends, especially since unicorns are popular with kids right now.


24 oz white chocolate (Amazon shopping link for ingredient:

1 jar (16 oz) marshmallow fluff crème (Amazon shopping link for ingredient:

1 can (14 oz) of sweetened condensed milk (Amazon shopping link for ingredient

2 cups of rainbow marshmallows (Amazon shopping link for ingredient

1 pinch of edible glitter (Amazon shopping link for ingredient


1. Melt together white chocolate, marshmallow fluff crème, and sweetened condensed milk.

2. Remove from heat and fold in rainbow marshmallows.

3. Pour in a pan lined in wax paper.

4. Sprinkling edible glitter on top.

5. Cool 1 hour in the fridge

6. Enjoy

NOTE: You can cook this over a stove top on med/low heat or by using the microwave and melting in a microwave safe dish.

Step 1:

Step 3:

If you would like a more firm fudge then eliminate the sweetened condensed milk. 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Churches in Canby

Here are a just a few of the beautiful churches in Canby, Oregon.