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Thelma a Métis Girl Who Was Born in a Storm by Julie Coulter Bellon

Thelma a Métis Girl Who Was Born in a Storm
"This book is based on a true story that happened to Julie's grandmother, Thelma Chalifoux, the first female Métis senator in the Canadian federal government. She was a fearless advocate for the rights of the Métis people and worked hard to make sure they had a voice when they had historically been silenced for their heritage. Thelma's story is an inspiration to all, and the children's books introduce everyone to the beautiful Métis culture and traditions that Thelma Chalifoux so treasured."

About the Author

 Julie Coulter Bellon's favorite time of day is always storytime. She loves reading and telling stories that spark imagination and conversation, especially about her Métis heritage. Julie hopes readers will enjoy this introduction to the Métis---a culture rich in traditions that they might not have known before, but will come to love. When she is not writing children's books, Julie is an award-winning author of over two dozen romantic suspense novels. You can learn more about Julie and her books at


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