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Random Acts of Murder, Murphy's Law Mysteries by Terry Deighton


Widowed, broke, and unemployed, Diane Murphy takes the oddest of jobs performing random acts of kindness in her small town of Fairwood, Washington. The job comes with unusual conditions. She can’t tell anyone she’s being paid for her service, and her employer insists on remaining anonymous.

Helping people can be murder!

Delivering food to the elderly for Meals on Wheels with her idiom-spouting mother soon introduces her to more than some quirky characters. When one of her clients is killed, Diane and her mother are prime suspects. Can she find the real culprit before a surly police detective charges her or her mother with the crime? 

The link for the series page: Amazon Series Page

About the Author

Terry Deighton is younger than Rose and older than Diane from her Murphy’s Law Mysteries. She enjoys puzzles of all kinds but gets a bit obsessive while working on a jigsaw puzzle. She lives with her husband in the northwestern corner of Washington (That’s the state, not DC.) with whom she’s rocking the retired life. That means, more and more, a rocking chair and less and less rock and roll. She enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, reading, and getting her characters into trouble.


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