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Who Saved Who by Roslyn Cohn


Book Summary

 Growing up in beautiful Bohemian 1970s Marin County, the daughter of a funny pawnbroker-jeweler with vision who knew the streets and a warm, independent Mom turned Naturalist-Animal Rights Activist, Roz is an award-winning actress who spent 20 years in NYC, where she worked on stages from the size of a postage stamp to Broadway.


Roz begins Who Saved Who with her unique parents and upbringing which is so crucial in understanding both her and her journey during 2022. While living in a post-Pandemic world, her career on hold and with politics and the environment in a persistent state of toxic tension, there was little left of life to be desired, so believed Marin County raised and NYC ripened Roz.  Told through words, pictures, and video, “Who Saved Who” is an honest, sometimes funny, many times moving, and ultimately joyous journey of 2022 with a woman who was lost. With messages from the Other Side and the words that her Mother said to her years ago, “We save dogs, Roz, that’s what we do,” Roz was able to climb out of deep sadness and found a purpose ignited she didn’t know was flickering inside.


In “Who Saved Who,” readers may recognize their own journey in loving dogs – perhaps heal themselves from the loss of their own beloved furry family member – and best of all, readers may find their hearts open to saving their next canine companion. “Who Saved Who” does more than warm the heart, it can help heal the spirit. It’s an easy and fulfilling read – paws down.


ISBN-13: 979-8865682363


Print Length: 157 pages


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About the Author


Roslyn Cohn is an actress who has worked from stages the size of a postage stamp to Broadway with the likes of Tony Randall, Jack Klugman, Jerry Stiller, Julie Hagerty, and Ellen Greene as well as appeared in TV, film, and commercials. Roz has won awards in Intimate Theatre (known as 99 Seat) in Los Angeles; awards for her Short “Essential Tremors” about her neurological disorder; and in 2013, with Jake Anthony and Joshua Finkel, co-wrote and stars in the groundbreaking, Broadway World Award-nominated “diffiCult to leave,” about her 23 years in the Cult of Scientology. The entire show lives on her YouTube channel: RoslynCohn. You can visit her at: www.RoslynCohn.com. #WhoSavedWho #ShelterDogsRock #AdoptDontShop


You can find her online at:


Her Link Tree: https://linktr.ee/rozcohn

Website: www.RoslynCohn.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/roslyncohn/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rozcohn


  1. Thank you for featuring Who Saved Who Deirdra!!!! I so appreciate your help in getting the word out as our animal shelters are overflowing and it's up to us to fix this - and we can! I also want readers to know that this is an immersive experience and when they get to the final 3rd of the book, there are beautiful videos to go along with those chapters. I don't want to reveal what is in them but they will be delighted! Warmest regards, Roz


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