Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Vlog 26 is now up!

Hey friends, I know its been a while since I've done a video. 
Here is Vlog 26. You can see how busy we have been. 
During the summer in the cold northlands, everyone works 12 to 16 hour days in order to prepare for winter.
Even though most indoor work in done in the winter and outdoor in the summer we had some indoor work the was vital to complete in order to survive the winter. 

One of the best parts of this featured project was finding the names written on the walls behind the paneling. It was almost 40 years ago when these men worked on the church and hung this paneling. 

You know how ever old house has that dark scary corner, well that has gotta go in the church. The dark scary corning of the church was near the furnace where there were still footprints of the old coal shaft and chimney.


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