Thursday, November 16, 2023

New Banners for The Watchers

 This was my project today. I updated all my banners to include all SEVEN books instead of six. Its surreal.

I am a very slow writer. I also have life, family, service, etc. 

While writing these books I had three babies, moved more times than I want to count, worked a full time job, got a a couple of degrees, including a Master's Degree, volunteered for twelve non-profits, helped MANY other authors get their books published, worked in legislation, advocated for children's rights, saved so many animals you might think I'm related to Noah, survived Covid, and remodeled nine historical buildings.

For some authors, they can pump out a book every year. I don't know how they do it. 

I told myself I would finish the last book after the Second Coming or when I got a movie deal... Well, Jesus isn't here yet, and my agent is still working on the movie deal, but I had a very encouraging and supportive publisher and my husband who helped to support me so I could make it happen. 

Its been decades, but here it is, all of them together.


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