Monday, November 20, 2023

Marion Lake


In college I took a Hiking and Backpacking class.
For real, that's a thing!
It was one of my favorite classes and a great stress relief.
Many of our class sessions were spent going on local hikes around the Portland area. 
For a very urban city there are many places close by that make you feel like you are in the deep woods. 
For our final, we took a road trip and hiked into Marion Lake. It can only be reached on foot so only the most dedicated outdoor enthusiast venture here. (Sorry to use only twice in one sentence).

The picture above I took while on the shore were I slept.
I'm enjoying my time in the prairie right now, but I really miss the deep woods.
I'm glad I have all these pictures to look back on and thanks for allowing me to reminisce.

Below is the clear water of the lake. There is a salamander in there somewhere.  


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