Thursday, April 1, 2021

Journaling Power by Mari L. McCarthy



Can the simple act of putting pen to paper lead to healing? Author and musical artist Mari L. McCarthy used her own journaling power to relieve her symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Now, it’s time to access the power of journaling for yourself. 

Inside of Journaling Power, Mari L. McCarthy, founder of, shares her personal tips on how to use journaling that will lead to self-growth and life-changing transformation. You will also read about scientific medical studies that discuss the healing abilities of journaling while learning step-by-step guidance on how to: 

·                           Reduce physical pain and overcome illness

·                           Heal emotional wounds from past traumas 

·                           Resolve inner conflicts and create self-compassion

·                           Conquer limiting beliefs and fears

·                           Reconnect with your inner healer

·                           Reduce stress and find inspiration 

·                           Set realistic goals--and discover the motivation to make them happen  

Whether you need to heal from stressful life events or learn how to put yourself first, Mari L. McCarthy guides you on a journey of well-being and self-care. With Journaling Power, you unlock the powers of this self-healing tool to lead a life of joy, compassion, creativity, and growth. So, grab a notebook, a pen, and a quiet space, and reveal the strength of your unconscious mind. 


Print Length: 146 Pages

Genre: Self-Improvement

Publisher: Hasmark Publishing

ISBN-10: 1988071216

ISBN-13: 978-1988071213


Journaling Power is available in print and e-book on AmazonCreate Write Now, and Barnes and Noble. You can also add it to your GoodReads reading list.


About the Author, Mari L. McCarthy

Mari L. McCarthy, Founder and Inner Work Tour Guide of shows curious health-conscious people how to use Journaling For The Health Of It®️ to heal the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual issues in their tissues and to know and grow their True Self. She’s the multi-award-winning author of Journaling Power: How To Create The Happy, Healthy Life You Want To Live and Heal Your Self With Journaling Power. She’s also created 20+ Journaling For The Health Of It® Inner Journey Workbooks that include Who Am I?, Declutter Your Life In 28 Days, and Take Control Of Your Health In 24 Days

Find her online at: 





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