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Little Shop of Borrows by Suzy Turner


Little Shop of Borrows by Suzy Turner



After spending a year perfecting his knitting skills in the Peruvian mountains, Taren Winn-Jones returns to England to transform his late Nannas house into a yarn shop. But when he discovers it has quite literally vanished, he doesnt know what to do. Luckily for him, he has just befriended a strange young woman heading to the mysterious hamlet of Willow Tree Farm…

Sadie Thornton is following her fathers instructions. If I disappear, you must find your way to the Winterbournes of Willow Tree Farm”. Well, her father has gone, so shes had no choice but to leave the Tibetan monks behind and fly halfway across the world to start afresh with a family harbouring a badly kept secret—that they are, in fact, witches.

When it becomes apparent that a murder has been committed, a house has been stolen and ghosts are hanging around, three generations of the Winterbournes will do everything in their power to protect their new friends and if that means waging a war against Cinnamon Groves obnoxious Mayor, then so be it.

Little Shop of Borrows is the first full-length novel in The Winterbourne Witches series. If you like quirky characters, magical mysteries and moments that will have you laughing out loud, then youll love Suzy Turners Little Shop of Borrows.




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A short, prequel novella, Willow Tree Farm is available on Amazon for FREE.

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 Author Bio

Suzy Turner wrote her first chick lit novel in her early twenties, but it wasnt until much later that she decided to focus on writing full time. It was during a visit to Canada in 2009 when the ravens within the dark eerie forests of British Columbia called to her. The story of Lilly Taylor was born soon after and the first novel in The Raven Witch Saga was created. Suzy has since published numerous urban fantasy books, contemporary women's and cozy mystery novels.

Having lived in Portugal since childhood, Suzy, who is originally from Yorkshire in England, loves to travel. She finds inspiration wherever she goes. Old decrepit buildings, graveyards, cathedrals and castles are just a few of the things that can be found within the worlds of her urban fantasy books, and her contemporary womens fiction novels are filled with fun friendships, ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances and quirky characters youd want as friends.

Suzy lives in the Algarve with her husband, three cats and a dog, where she meditates and does yoga every morning and then hangs out with her imaginary witches all day long.

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