Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Book. When Death Loved an Angel by Cheree Alsop - Give Away!

Death loved his existence. He charmed women, completed his list, and was content until the day he tried to kill Gregan Parker and came face to face with Gregan’s guardian angel. She fought for the man’s life, challenging Death the way no angel ever had. In the face of her defiance, he felt his heart do something it hadn’t for centuries; it beat. Death found himself falling for the angel, but she already loved Gregan, a man who had never seen her.

Watching Nyra love a man who didn’t know of her existence could terminate Death’s heart when it had just begun to beat, but taking away the one thing she cared about would destroy any chance he had with her. Could Death truly put himself last and risk letting his love slip through his fingers, or would he figure out a way to save both his heart and the angel who stole it?

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  2. This book looks amazing!! I love it! It's definitely been put on my Goodreads list and posted on all my social media sites. Thanks for sharing it!

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