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Interview with the fun and amazing author, Cheree Alsop

Author Biography:  Cheree Alsop is the mother of a beautiful, talented daughter and two amazing twin sons who fill every day with light and laughter.  She married her best friend, Michael, who changes lives each day in his Chiropractic clinic.  Cheree is currently working as a free-lance writer and mother.  She enjoys reading, riding her Ninja motorcycle on warm nights, and rocking her twins while planning her next book.  She is also an aspiring drummer and bass player for her husband’s garage band.

Cheree and Michael live in Utah where they rock out, enjoy the outdoors, plan great adventures, and never stop dreaming.

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Deirdra: When did you write your first book and how old were you?
Cheree:  The first book I ever wrote was a Western hand-written in a notebook that I finished when I was fifteen.  Writing it showed me the exhilarating experience of developing my own worlds and characters.

Deirdra: What books have most influenced your life?
Cheree: My favorite books are The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas, Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith, The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.  It’s a broad range of styles and themes, but what I cherish the most from each of these authors is the way they write a character so believably you feel that by the end of the story you know them and could meet them on the street.  I love watching a character develop and grow through the trials in their stories.  I also love the detail of the world the characters live in, and the ability to see it differently through each of their eyes.  I love to read, and I feel I learn something from each author.  Everyone has a different style and way of capturing their world, and I love to get immersed in those worlds.  It’s something I hope readers can relate to in my stories as well, the ability to escape into a different world we might otherwise not have the chance to experience.

Deirdra:  What is your writing schedule like?
Cheree:  I have twin two-year-old boys and a nine-year-old daughter, and so I write whenever I’m not chasing them around the house, making meals, intervening to prevent disasters, brushing curly blond hair,  running to acting class, participating in tickle tortures, coloring, or participating in adventures.  This leaves a few minutes a day (hopefully) where I have a chance to get my thoughts in order and crank out some chapters.  Luckily, it also gives me plenty of time to plan what I want to write, so it generally goes pretty smoothly. 

Deirdra:  Can you tell us a little about your book, Azure.
Cheree: My newest novel is Azure, book five of the Silver Series.  The Silver Series is about teenage werewolves trying to survive in today’s world.  I’ve always been intrigued with wolves and the legends associated with werewolves.  The thought of the dangers and challenges of being a werewolf along with the trials and joys so close to the surface in teenage life drew the stories to my mind as fast as I could write them.  In book five, Azure is about Vance who saves a human girl from his werewolf pack despite the danger her presence brings.  In wolf packs, wolves choose one mate for life.  The devotion they show to their mate and pack is selfless and self-sacrificing.  I felt that the same things would apply to werewolves; Vance is torn between protecting the werewolves and choosing the ‘safe’ path, or following his heart despite the risk.  Here’s the book blurb:

Azure, the fifth book of the Silver Series, is about an alpha werewolf who rescues a human from the vengeful grasp of his pack. Nora is the only person who is not afraid of Vance’s size or strength, and in return she gains his respect. When Vance is pushed to the edge of survival, his heart is torn between loving Nora and a werewolf who befriends him with the kindness that is greatly lacking in his life.
Azure is a story of strength beyond the endurance of the body. In a world turned upside down by violence, the choice between what the heart wants and the safest solution can be the most important decision of all.

Deirdra:  What do you hope readers will get from your books? 
Cheree:  Escape, adventure, scenes that make their heart race and bring a smile to their faces.  I love to read stories that sweep me away and keep me turning the page despite the fact that I am reading in the wee hours of the morning with a new day not too far away.  I love finishing a book feeling as though I know the characters and I am proud of what they’ve learned and accomplished.  If readers can have the same feelings when they’ve finished one of my books, then I’ve done my best. 

Deirdra: Do you need absolute quiet to write? Do you listen to music when you are writing?
Cheree:  Quiet will never describe my home.  It is rambunctious, noisy, and filled with laughter.  If it is quiet, then something’s wrong.  I usually write while my boys are taking their naps, roughhousing, or playing in the backyard.  I think if it was quiet I don’t know what I’d do with myself.

Deirdra: What kinds of inspiration do you use during your story creation periods?
Author:  I create playlists that inspire me.  Music is so powerful.  It can reach every emotion with a few simple notes.  When I prepare to write a new book, I know the direction it will take and hopefully where the characters will end up, so I create a playlist that captures the emotions I want to write.  I listen to the playlist over and over to keep me inspired and remind me of my goals when I started writing the book.  All of my playlists for my books are listed on my website.

Deirdra: Who has made the greatest difference for you as a writer?
Author:  My husband has been the biggest supporter of my writing.  He reads every draft and helps me fine-tune the rough spots.  Without him, there are several key scenes that wouldn’t exist.  I am so grateful for his support, his patience, and his imagination.  He truly is the best content editor a wife could ask for!

Deirdra:  What are you working on now?
Cheree: The next book I’m working on is Mist, the second book of Shadows.  I plan to release it in late July/early August.  I also have a shifter novel that will be coming out soon, as well as a medieval young adult fantasy that’s currently being edited. 

Deirdra:  What is the best thing about being an author?
Cheree:  The unlimited possibilities.  I love being able to fly, to fight demons and ride dragons, to phase into a wolf or use magic just by closing my eyes and saying ‘what if?’  Every world and life you can imagine exists in that special place where stories come together.  It is the best job in the world because I can be anything I want to be, and do anything I want to do.

Deirdra:  What are your goals as an author for the next three years?
Author:  I am an independent author, and as such my reach is limited to the internet, blogs, and word of mouth.  I have several books that I feel would do well with a publisher and I plan to send them out when the time is right.  Until then, I will continue to self-publish a book hopefully every month or two.  I love to write and I have so many ideas and stories just waiting to be fleshed out.  The books will keep coming! 

Deirdra:  Where is your favorite place to write?
Cheree:  I sit on the floor in my bedroom or in the playroom to write while my kids play.  If they’re outside, I sit on the porch or on one of our poor lawn chairs (squirrels decided the stuffing would be better in their nests than in the chairs).  I just love to write wherever my kids are.  I can keep an eye on them and help out if they need it, and I can make sure that they are having fun while I write. 

Deirdra: Where can readers go to find your books and order them?
Cheree:  Links to purchase my books can be found at my website:

Deirdra: Any final words you would like to share?
Cheree:  I really appreciate all of the support and positive feedback I’ve received since going the self-publishing route.  It’s not an easy path, but it’s rewarding and exciting to see where my books are going.  Thank you everyone for your kind words.  Keep reading! 

Thank you so much, Cheree! It’s a real honor to get your insights.


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  2. Hi Diedre, this is a lovely blog you have here and I appreciate what you are doing. Thanks so much for the "Brilliant Writer" nod, I am flattered. I'm a little bashful about putting that on my blog but have followed you and am going to add you to my blog roll. Thanks again.

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  4. Wow, that's amazing that Cheree can churn out novels so quickly while having three kids (including twins in the terrible twos!!). Makes me tired just thinking about it. :-)

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  6. Great interview, ladies! It sounds like such a fabulous book!


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