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Book Review by Nashova

Book Review for Battle for Wizard Island by Steve Westover

Review by: Nashova

The description of scenery is beautiful. This is defiantly the strong point of the author’s writing. I felt as if I was standing there at Crater Lake even though I have never been there. The story is very well thought out and kept me reading. I wanted to see where the story was leading. I wanted to see what was going to happen.

I had a hard time emotionally bonding to the characters because of the lack of character development and depth. I only cared a little about the characters until the end of the book.
There is a lot of jumping around in the story itself. I wish I could read a few chapters in one character point of view before it switches.
There are a few larger words that I thought should be dumbed down for middle grade readers
I didn’t like the fast pace. The characters had little time to interact with each other. I wish I could have seen them become friends and develop their bonds before the end of the book.
It was painfully obvious that the author is not experienced writing this genre. He is a savvy and good author, just not for this target market audience.

Over all thoughts:
I questioned how much actual mythology the author put into the book verses how much of his own created mythology he used. The setting of the book is at Crater Lake, which is an actual place. If the mythology was based on actual Native America lore it would be a lot cooler, but the book doesn’t say. If it was real lore I wish there was a place at the beginning of the book that explained this.

I wish there was a little more back story that explained why all the characters were at Crater Lake.
As the action picks up the descriptions I love get rudimentary, which is understandable due to the ascending darkness that surrounds them.

I would more than likely read the squeal.
I ultimately enjoyed the book, but some parts of the book were not as entertaining.
Rating: 3 ½ Stars

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