Friday, April 22, 2011

Support Systems

A few reasons why authors need a support system:

The work of an author is most often a solitary one. Extreme isolation is not healthy for any human.

There are a million techniques to learn and keep track of while writing. It’s always good to have support from beta readers to catch errors.

Rejections can be rough and it doesn’t matter if you have “the best book ever written” its going to get rejected at least once, or a hundred, or a thousand times.

It is easy for ‘the creative muses” to take over you life. You can’t forget about family, bills, exercise, etc. It’s good to have someone there to keep you grounded.

Writing a book is like running a marathon.

It takes a lot of prep before you even start the race. There are hills and rough spots you have to fight through. Often there are times you just want to quit. That’s why authors need support systems standing on the side lines to cheer and encourage when things get rough.


  1. This is so true. My cat is my support when I'm in my office writing, my husband is my 1st reader, and my writing group are my critics and my fans!

  2. I couldn't survive without my tw critique partners. I've never met either of them, they're in the USA while I'm in the UK. But they are my support system, because I can depend on them to be honest, right through from 'Great Chapter!' to 'Think you need more explanation of hero's thoughts here' to 'This didn't really work for me.'

  3. So very true. I would be lost without my family/friends who walk beside me.

  4. I enjoyed your interview with Kirk.

    Support is so essential. The R-love gets wearing after a point.

  5. Very true. I would be so lost without my support group! I do believe the writing industry is the first job I've had where competitors (other authors) are actually your best friends. We all cheer for each other and it's awesome.

  6. I thank God for my gentle but unrelenting critique group. It's great to have their support. But it's also imprtant for us to lend here it is: You have a beautiful site here and the wisdon you share is a gift.

  7. Deirdra, ain't that the truth! I'm so glad to have ya as my writing partner! *hugs*


  8. We truly do need all the support we can get!


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