Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kirk Shaw's list of qualities an author should strive for:

Kirk L. Shaw is senior editor for Covenant Communications. He has also done work for Boston publisher David R. Godine, Northwestern University Press, and the scientific journal Western North American Naturalist. During his career, he has produced and edited fiction (in most genres), memoirs, historical, art, gardening, gift, technical, scientific, scholarly, creative nonfiction, and other nonfiction. He enjoys writing short stories and especially relishes reading speculative fiction, historical and suspense novels, young adult, post-apocalyptic, and dystopia novels. He is looking for good suspense, historical, romance, adventure, and other fiction.

Kirk Shaw's list of qualities an author should strive for:
Quick to communicate
Quick to learn (technology, process, skills, successful habits)
Well-versed in the market and process
Dots I’s and crosses T’s: submits polished work
Good negotiator and compromiser
Picks the important “battles”
Great public “presence”
Good at networking, with contacts in the industry
Has a good web presence and knows how to connect with readers


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