Friday, November 5, 2010

Fantastic Friday Writers - Introduction

I am embarking on a new writing adventure with a few of my fantasy and/or sci-fi comrades.

Every other Friday we will all post an article on a specific literary topic so you will be able to see five different view points on a single subject.

The linky widget below will allow you to ‘hop’ our blogs to read their posts.

My name is Deirdra Eden Coppel. I write fantasy set in different periods of earth’s history. This is somewhat unique as not only I have to keep my fantastic mythology straight but I also spend quite a bit of time researching historical places, people and events.

I am fascinated with natural disasters, legends and biblical prophecies. I like to plan elaborate invasions and study maps.

I’m a combat fighter skilled in several different weapon types as well as hand to hand combat.

That being said my secret identity is rather normal. I am a stay-at-home mom and a volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America. I shop sales, attend church on Sunday and stay active on my yoga mat.

It doesn’t take a trained detective to see the slight abnormalities in my life – cereal for dinner, no T.V., a computer in my closet ….

Yep, I’m a novelist.


  1. Hi, cutie! Ooh, hand-to-hand combat? Are you a martial artist? You sound rather fascinating to me! Nice to know you better! <3

  2. Computer in your closet? I think I might have to try that. Maybe I'd actually get some undisturbed writing time that way! And wow, awesome skills you have there. My Dad taught me basic self defense moves and things like that (He was Army) but I can't really say that I have skills in any sort of combat or martial arts. It's great that you do! See you around the blog-o-sphere!

  3. Hello Deirdra. I love the picture of faerie you peaking behind the tree to invite us all into your blog. I came over from Alex, then Elizabeth, next Anastasia and then J.D. This is a great idea.
    I'm also a fantasy writer. I am working on the edits for my high fantasy at the moment. And creating a new novella series that will take place in our history just like you're doing. Only, I may just use some legends too.
    I am blogging today about giveaways and contest including my first ever contest.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  4. Hi Deidre! Looking forward to Friday posts. And those combat skills probably come in handy at Boy Scout meetings.

  5. Deirdra, it's great to meet you. Honey, you seem like some one I would LOVE to go to Ren. Fair with! Though I don't write high fantasy, I still love dragons a knights and wielding a sword! Though I prefer archery myself. I look forward to reading your posts on Fantastic Fridays! :D


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