Thursday, April 25, 2024

Waiting for Elephants by Jaleta Clegg

 What if? This is how Jaleta Clegg looks at the world, and her mind is constantly churning through ideas. Waiting for Elephants is a collection of 34 stories and poems. Inside, you’ll find twisted and reimagined fairy tales, stories of derring-do and adventure in the far reaches of the galaxy, strange game shows, ramen delivery (no, really!), spacefaring housekeepers who strive for more, interstellar transplanted Irish ghosts, angelic voices on frontier desert planets, and more.
But don’t take anything at face value. What you least suspect or never expected is the norm in these stories. Start your journey into the unknown with this collection of speculative fiction by Jaleta Clegg.


About the author:
Jaleta Clegg was born some time ago and has spent the years since making stuff up. She loves asking, “What if?” and then writing stories about it. Her works include an eleven book space opera series The Fall of the Altarian Empire, a steampunk fairy novel Dark Dancer, a fractured universe portal novel SplinterLight, five short story collections, and stories in numerous anthologies. When not playing with her imaginary friends, she enjoys watching cheesy monster movies and bad 80s sci-fi, playing weird video games, crocheting tiny amigurumi animals, and designing and making quilts. She collects models of squids, classic science fiction and fantasy books, and way too many rocks.


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