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AI Art


I know there are SO many opinions about AI art but today I described my characters to AI and this is what it came up with.

Lady Auriella (Aura)

Power Couple Auriella and Azrael 

Cassi the Pixie

Ruburt the Goldsmith


In book three Alamar is introduced as the final of the main trio (Aura, Azrael and Alamar) in the Watchers Series.

In Book 3 readers are not sure what to think. Is he a villain? Is he a love interest? 
Is he a good guy doing the wrong things or a bad guy doing the right things?

He is introverted yet the commander of a ship of ruthless pirates.

You don't always agree with what Alamar is doing yet, you agree with why he is doing it.

Alamar loves the mysterious part of himself and is entertained by others reactions to the slight of hand outcomes when horrible situations suddenly turn out as if he had control of the chaos the whole time.
He loves the "shock value".

He is highly romantic, intimately cautious, and connects deeply once he finally does connect with someone special.

Expect the unexpected with Alamar. Always... You never know what will happen with this man who is deep and unconventional. Clear until the very last page of the series he unpredictable, yet everyone (including the reader) learns to trust him while still being frustrated by his methods yet loving how it all works out. 

Alamar has a strong sense of justice, and understands pain and abandonment. This combination along with his massive strength has developed  his character into someone who often sacrifices and pushes through pain, sometimes near to death, if it will help someone else.

Auriella is stuck on Alamar's ship until she helps him 
discover and kill the man who murdered his mother.
(Book 3)

At first, in this picture I thought Aura was flipping Alamar off. 
Which if you've read the book you totally question why 
she (an immortal) doesn't just slap him so hard that she decapitates him.
However, she did try sabotage and sink his ship.

Aura tried to teach Alamar about his powers, but he ended up teaching her about hers.

Power couple Eva and Zacaris with their kitty cat "Dandy"
Immortal Eva is described as being soft, warm, and lovely.
Her powers are material in nature as she can telepathically connect with her posterity. After almost a thousand years she becomes vital in the modern day war when communications are shut down.
She becomes a mother figure for Aura and a mentor to help her understand her culture and heritage.
She saved Azrael's life by delivering the Flaming Sword to him during the Scottish War of Independence and protected the Stone of Destiney. She also makes very good cookies. 

In contrast to Eva is Zacaris. Aura says he is an icy, cold man who melts into spring when he sees Eva. He is butter in her warm hands.
My kids said they imagined this immortal looking more grumpy and critical.
He takes on difficult protection jobs and is to protect vital sanctuaries as well as train new Watchers who are often reckless and accident prone. 
His life is full of tragedy, which has made him logical and strategic. 
However, you can see his character arch and he starts to soften and become more compassionate, 
especially after his and Eva's daughter was killed.

Power couple Andromeda and Orion. 

Well.... not a couple yet. Its amazing how a warrior like Orion can be so terrified of the woman he loves.
She plans to purpose to him next year. 

Orion fought in the wars of Scottish independence and at the Battle of Lake Poyang where he met Andromeda, a former Irish slave turned warrior with the strength of many men. She is a chain breaker and freedom fighter.

Orion in modern day now works with Scotland Yard law enforcement and secret service. 
Andromeda is a military Airforce pilot. 

Andromeda is an important Watcher in book 7 as she co-leads a mission with Alamar and both have their own ideas about how things should go. 

Favorite Andromeda quote from Book 7:

“That is how warriors act before they die,” Andromeda said, pointing back to the room where the young ones were. “I have seen it too many times. The Hundred Years’ War, Livonian War, French Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, American Civil War, World War One and freaking Two, Nam, Kosovo, Iraq!” Her eyes were intense, but I knew nothing of these wars. “I was there and fought in each one!” Her eyes brimmed with moisture as her skin flushed with angry heat. “I know what people look like before they die.”

Modern Day Watchers

We have our lovely Auriella returned.

 I had played along and wore all their modern clothing and kevlar armor, but I was not going to wear their tiny underwear.

Alamar on his new fancy ship.

“Yes, but just so you know, I’m not under oath.” Alamar flashed me a smug smile that made me wonder if all the pirates of the old world are just the lawyers of the new world. 


“Ryder is from the Sioux Nation in Canada. He is the Wunderkind who will aid you in navigation and logistics.”

“Working for the Watchers is my internship,” Ryder explained like he was getting the opportunity of a lifetime.


Ryder had everyone’s attention as he explained, “Back at home on the reservation the Elders had stories about the Legion. Only they were not called ‘The Legion’ but were known by other names.”

As Ryder spoke I imagined him as a young child sitting at a fireside in the evening with his family as the grandparents told stories. In every culture of the world the role of the storyteller has been sacred. They were teachers, historians, and spiritual leaders in their community that preserved the past while preparing the next generation for the future.


“Jameson is the mission medic. He is from Birmingham, just north of here, and graduated from Oxford. Even with all his impressive credentials, he is not just any medic, but a Watcher Wunderkind with the power of healing.” 

I didn’t understand what was happening and why Jameson was dependent on these bottles and needles to heal Kade. We couldn’t let the venom reach Kade’s heart.

            “Jameson, do something! You’re a healer,” I shouted at him. “Just heal him.”

            Jameson stopped fumbling with his medical supplies, took off his sterile rubber gloves, and tightly grasped Kade’s arm. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in.


 “This is Jaxton, a Wunderkind who will be aiding in your Astronomy work. He is a native of the country of Ghana.


“Do you see anything in the stars?” I asked Jaxton and briefly glanced at his notes.

“It’s been hard to see with all the smoke in the sky,” he said apologetically. “I wish I could give the druids more information or perhaps a warning about the falling stars.”


“Huxley is a chemist,” Zacaris said in a way that made the boy sound like an educated genius. Instead of taking it as a compliment Huxley discarded the chemist title and relabeled himself as someone who ‘just likes to blow things up’.


“Did you see how Aura and Andromeda busted through the gates? Whoowee!” Huxley cheered, his American accent so thick I expected his next words to be “Yee Haw!”


“But I’m American,” Huxley said in his thick Texan accent. “Ain’t no one gonna believe for a doggone minute that I’m from Europe.”

“Just keep your mouth shut,” Alamar said with a double meaning.


“She is from a place called Sincelejo, Colombia and has chosen her career working as an atmospheric scientist.”

I must have looked confused as to what this was so Harper explained, “I study the weather.”

I nodded showing that I understood, but I didn’t understand how this was now considered a science. We all used to watch the weather hundreds of years ago.


“Kade is your technology specialist,” Zacarias explained. “He comes to us from Sweden and has extensive skills in programming and hardware. He helped to engineer our underground shields.” I had no idea what most of this meant, but I could tell it was important. Zacaris probably noted my confusion because he turned to Kade and instructed, “Since Lady Auriella is unfamiliar with much of our tech you will need to cater to her like you would your grandmother.”

“My grandma at least knows how to cook with a microwave,” Kade mumbled under his breath......

The Bad Guys


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