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A Delicate Marriage by Margarita Barresi



Welcome to the blog tour for A Delicate Marriage! This historical novel by Margarita Barresi is perfect for readers who enjoy 20th century historical fiction and/or Latinx stories.

The blog tour starts November 10th and runs until December 7th. You'll have a chance to read reviews and interviews as well as enter our giveaway. Check out the full tour schedule below.

About the Book

From glittering ballrooms to verdant mountains to poverty-stricken slums, A Delicate Marriage takes the reader on a vivid tour of Puerto Rico forty years after becoming a U.S. colony, a time of great change and political turmoil on the island.


Isabela, a wealthy woman, sacrifices her artistic aspirations to marry Marco, a penniless man dedicated to improving conditions on the island. As the island's insular government enacts pro-U.S. policies, Marco builds a real estate empire while struggling to maintain his populist principles. Meanwhile, Isabela feels unfulfilled in her traditional role as a wife and mother and becomes disillusioned with Marco's shifting moral compass. She begins to identify with anti-U.S. factions, leading a dangerous double life that puts her family in peril.


As political violence threatens their paradise, Isabela and Marco question whether their marriage, like the island's relationship with the U.S., should continue. Margarita Barresi's debut novel celebrates Puerto Rican culture while delving into themes of class, oppression, and the effects of colonialism through the lens of a marriage.


Publisher: Atmosphere Press

ISBN-10: 1639889302

ISBN-13: 978-1639889303

Print length: 352 pages


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Praise for A Delicate Marriage

“Margarita Barresi’s A Delicate Marriage is an electrifying debut … smart, heartfelt and timely… a trenchant portrait of an island and a marriage pushed to the breaking point.” 

—    Junot Diaz, author of This is When You Lose Her


“Immersive and interesting, empathetic, and expansive, Barresi skillfully interweaves a love story with the history of Puerto Rico politics. An impressive debut!”

— Susie Orman Schnall, author of We Came Here to Shine

“Barresi is a naturally gifted storyteller with a talent for narrative structure…What emerges is a fully three-dimensional portrait of a couple trying to find a way forward in a time of political and social upheaval…An absorbing and deeply nuanced romance.”

   —Kirkus Reviews


“Barresi expertly weaves captivating details of Puerto Rican history into this gripping love story.”

— Independent Book Review


“A Delicate Marriage, with its blend of glamour, charm, and a nostalgic nod to a bygone era, promises to uplift readers’ spirits on even the dreariest of days, inviting them to revisit the tempestuous yet enchanting landscape of Puerto Rico.”

— Literary Titan


About Author Margarita Barresi

Raised in Puerto Rico by her grandparents, Margarita Barresi grew up hearing stories about the “good old days”—the genesis for this, her first novel. She studied public relations at Boston University, and after

a successful career in marketing communications, now devotes her time to writing. Her essays have been published in several literary magazines and compilations. Margarita lives in the suburbs north of Boston with her husband and two Puerto Rican cats, Luna and Rico.

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Instagram: @margaritabarresi
X/Twitter: @Barresi_Writes
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