Thursday, May 11, 2023

I Can't Wait to Love You Forever by Patricia Eckerman Ambas


A new baby in the family is so exciting! But what do you do if YOU are the “baby” of the family? Will Benjamin be ready to be a big brother when it’s time?


Full of playful love, follow Benjamin on his daily adventures with Mommy, which just might prepare him to be a big brother.


Publisher: WordLife Press

ISBN-10: 1958497010

ISBN-13: 978-1958497012

ASIN: ‎B09W69TT11

Print length: 36 pages


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About the Author


Patricia Eckerman Ambas loves sharing stories - everything is a story waiting to be told! Her interest in languages led her to become a teacher and she has been striving to instill her love for reading with youth for over fifteen years in that role. As a mom of three, bedtime and really, anytime-stories fill her world. She also shares stories with her community in Oshkosh, WI as she showcases the stories of her husband's family heritage while teaching guests at their family restaurant about Filipino food. Displaying beautiful multicultural families in her books' illustrations is at the forefront of her goals as an author in order to allow her own children, and others like them, a mirror of mixed families and a window for other children to see into a different lifestyle from their own. "I Can't Wait to Love You Forever" is her first children's book and she hopes you have as much fun with it as her second child had inventing the actual game played. Look for more heartfelt books coming soon.


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