Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Watchers, Traditional Version and International Version

Hello My Friends,

I wanted to let you know about the two different versions of The Watchers books:
the Traditional version and the International version.

Right now Amazon is my exclusive distributor and they have certain print guidelines to qualify for international distribution. In creating the International version our friends overseas can now purchase physical copies of The Watchers.

There are a few differences.
1. The size.
The International version is about one inch taller. Because of this the book is slightly thinner, but the whole story is still in there (not abridged).

Traditional 6 x 8

International 6 x 9

2. There are a few international editing changes that are very minor, but that are more acceptable to a wider audience.
A few of these are spellings such as gray to grey, armour, honour, harbour, and other words Americans take the U out of.

3. Most American forms of measurements has been changed to metric in the international version.

I am excited about the response from my overseas friends who have been waiting for a physical copy of the book.

If you have already purchased the first part of the Watchers Series and want a complete set with the books all the same size, just be mindful of which version you are purchasing.


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