Saturday, June 25, 2016

Superhero Saturday - Rock N Roll

Meet Rock N Roll

Stats,Specializations or Special Skills: 
Martial Arts instructor, CERT team member, Neighborhood Watch Block Captain, graduate of Citizen's Police Academy, Co-founder of the California branch of the Initiative, Founder of Superheroines Initiative, Co-host and creator of HEROES 101 Radio

Deirdra: City you protect or advocate group: 
Rock N Roll: San Francisco Bay Area, We are a branch of the Initiative (that group you saw in the Superheroes documentary). 

Deirdra: Who or what inspired you to become a superhero? Those that interview us always ask if there was a single event that I could point to that started me down this path. (Interviewers are always looking for that one movie moment.) Unfortunately, the impetus or my origin wasn’t the result of one specific event, but rather, the culmination of several. I’ve been through some personal horror - abuse, molestation as a child, homelessness, the murder of two friends … some pretty horrific shit. Thankfully, those tragedies, those negative experiences strengthened my resolve to not let the same things happen to anyone I knew, or to myself, ever again.

Deirdra: How did you come up with your superhero name?Rock N Roll: I’ve been a musician all my life. I ride a motorcycle. I believe in solid foundations and I believe in letting things flow on their own. I’m also a martial artist/instructor and a certified massage therapist (CMT). How could I come up with anything more fitting than “Rock N Roll”? And to be frank, there were enough RLSH out there with names blatantly borrowed from other comic-book characters. 

Deirdra: Who made your costume?
Rock N Roll: I put together my costumes.

Deirdra: If you could have any super power what would it be? Rock N Roll: My super power would be “instant empathy.” I could point to you and you would suddenly understand more about whatever it is you need to understand at the moment. I’d also like to have healing powers; they’d come in handy everywhere I went.
Deirdra: What do you hope to accomplish?Rock N Roll: We hope to have a branch of the Initiative in every state and on every continent. We've already got nine branches across the U.S. and in the U.K.

Deirdra: What do you for your day job? 
Rock N Roll: I'm an author and a CMT (Certified Massage Therapist)

Deirdra: Are the police supportive or do they see you as a lawless vigilante? 
Rock N Roll: As graduates of Citizen's Police Academy we've had a great, working relationship with our local PD for four years now. We are on their volunteer list and often help with local events. 
Deirdra: Are you in danger by doing what you do?  
Rock N Roll: Yes, everything we do has an element of danger, but then again, so does walking down the street. 

Deirdra: Are you stopping crimes and helping people?Rock N Roll: Yes. Whenever we patrol, we help to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations. Whenever we help someone get home, we reduce the chances of them being attacked. Whenever we teach a free self-defense seminar, we empower people to defend themselves and to keep from becoming a victim in the first place. Whenever we give someone a free meal (especially during our weekly outreach events), we keep them from having to steal in order to survive.

We've helped to keep robbery suspects from evading the police, we've stopped vandals from destroying a school, we've stopped people from destroying vehicles, we've helped police catch drunk drivers. There are too many examples to list. 
Deirdra: What does your significant other think of you being a superhero? What does your family think? 
Rock N Roll: My husband was an RLSH before I was, so I'd say he's okay with it. ;) Our family is supportive and often joins us on our outreach events. 
Deirdra: Does your mom know you are doing this? 
Rock N Roll: I'd like to think she can see me from heaven.

Deirdra: Do you have a weakness?
My weakness is little kids and animals. Everything else takes a backseat to helping or spending time with them.
Deirdra: How long have you been doing this? 
Rock N Roll: Five years as an RLSH. Forever as myself. For instance, 10 years ago I started a charity organization of musicians that raised money for kids with childhood diseases.

Deirdra: What is the most frustrating thing about being a superhero? 
Rock N Roll: Feeling like you're only putting a band-aid on a gaping wound. 

Deirdra: Do you keep a secret identity, is so, why? Is it hard to keep a secret identity? 
I do. I don't want to make it easy for the world to find me or my family. In this day and age, that's close to impossible to do, but I try anyway. 
Deirdra: How did those close to you react when you became a superhero
Rock N Roll: They weren't surprised and wanted to know how they could help.

Deirdra: Who is your hero? 
Rock N Roll: My mother. She was the original superhero. Her kindness is still talked about, 15 years after her death. My husband is also my hero. He's a kind human being. My sons are also my heroes. They're amazing people and I'm honored to be a part of their lives. 

Deirdra: What do you want the people of your community to know?
Rock N Roll: Those who think Real Life Superheroes have no real super powers are wrong. We have a few, the greatest of which is the ability to draw attention to and shine a light on the problems in society and the people who need saving. We also draw attention to those whose efforts dwarf our own, and we do all this by simply donning a costume and hitting the streets.
This is our super power.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Girl from the Stars Completely Series Giveaway

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Snippet from the Series-

“To live is a choice. You want, you need, you desire more than you have at this moment, and you strive for those things. You don’t settle; you fight for things to be better. You choose to reach for the next star, for the next emotion. You long for love, for acceptance, to belong. To truly live means to accept failure and to get up again.” He looked at her. “Yet to live is harder because there are consequences. What you do today impacts tomorrow. You have to decide what is worth carrying in your life, what direction you are heading, and what will guide your footsteps. Your friend has already made that decision.”

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Superhero Saturday - The Xeno Of Portland

Xeno -

Superhero name: The Xeno
Stats, Specializations or Special Skills:
Extremely intelligent, technologically adept, self proclaimed historian, strategist, generally sneaky, quick learner, proficient in hoodkwondo, trainee in Aikido.

Deirdra: Who or what inspired you to become a superhero?
The Xeno: Watching bad things happen all around me, and hearing all the people complaining about said things but never offer a solution. To me, that's called whining; and I am no whiner. That is what spawned the interest to do it, but I always thought it wouldn't be taken seriously until I read an article about Guardian Shield - a local Superhero from a town not too far from here. That's when I knew that I wasn't the only one, and that if I really wanted to do it, I could, and it would be taken seriously.

Deirdra: How did you come up with your superhero name?
The Xeno: Ever seen the movie Alien? My name and persona are almost directly based on the Xenomorph. I decided to use it after I was playing an alien video game, and in it the Xeno hunts you constantly based on sight, smell, and hearing within the game. You can never kill it; and it always comes back, no matter how much you throw at it. Seemed fitting.

Deirdra: Who made your costume?
The Xeno: My costume is merely a pieced together uniform with various different clothing items, so I guess I technically "made it" but the real credit goes to the clothing companies haha. 

Deirdra: If you could have any super power what would it be?
The Xeno: Power absorption; the ability to draw energy and power from virtually any source. So basically rouge on steroids, or my personal favorite comparison a super saiyan.

Deirdra: What do you hope to accomplish?
The Xeno: I hope to accomplish whatever I have to in order to restore peace and justice to my community, and then if I succeed here at home, I will do the same elsewhere wherever I may be needed.

Deirdra: What do you for your day job?
The Xeno: I attend highschool and do landscaping work for folks in my neighborhood. Once finished with highschool I hope to find a job in security.

Deirdra: Are the police supportive or do they see you as a lawless vigilante?
The Xeno: Haha, that's a funny one. The one time I have encountered the police, I attempted to wave them down to introduce myself - they stopped a block ahead, turned around, and practically broke their neck looking at me in full (Ghetto man) costume. They didn't stop, they didn't slow down, and I know they saw me. So that told me either they were able to somehow know what I was trying to do, OR they simply didn't care and turned a blind eye to a masked individual carrying a club at 1:30 in the morning. Either way, I thought it was best to continue my patrols.

Deirdra: Are you in danger by doing what you do?
The Xeno: Possibly, there are a lot of druggies in my area and some shady characters but the only difference between being a superhero and being a civilian to me is the mask. I am always patrolling my neighborhood during the night, even out of costume while I walk to a friends house or to the store. So realistically, I am in danger all the time; in fact, I feel safer while in costume as I think criminals will be less inclined to make a move on someone that looks like a superhero/vigilante.

Deirdra: Are you stopping crimes and helping people? 
The Xeno: Well my goal is to do both; to me stopping crime is helping people, and helping people makes my community a more positive place. To be fair my only 'real' superhero deed happened just recently, in which I went to the convince store by my house and as I left I found a silver wallet on the ground. I picked it up and thought about turning it into the store, but I decided to look what was in it instead. I found it contained a guys Oregon trail card, Social Security card, debit card, insurance card, and his adult soccer league ID - however it didn't have a state ID, so I couldn't find his address or anything to go on. So, with some doubt in my mind I hopped on Facebook and looked up the name on the card, and it didn't take long to find someone that fit the profile, so I messaged him. A week later he messaged me back confirming its ownership by detailing exactly what was in the wallet, along with his number. So that night I called, we met up, and he got his important items back; when he tried to give me a reward I refused and simply told him to pay it forward, and to spread the word that Portland has a new protector.

Deirdra: What does your significant other think of you being a superhero? What does your family think?
The Xeno: The only people that know about my line of work are my grandparents, dad, and best friend. Both my grandparents and dad fully support it, they just want me to be safe, and my best friend thinks its funny, but doesn't really take it seriously.

Does your mom know you are doing this?
The Xeno: Negatory, I'm sure she would support it but I don't need maw worrying about me all the time. That and she can't keep her mouth shut for more than a minute haha

Deirdra: Do you have a weakness? 
The Xeno: Nicotine dependency. It puts me at a disadvantage and I know it, but for some reason I just can't shake the nasty habit.

Deirdra: What is the most frustrating thing about being a superhero?
The Xeno: The expectations and differences in methods, opinions, ect. Not everyone does things the same, but everyone seems to think their ways are the right and ideal way.

Deirdra:Do you keep a secret identity, if so, why? Is it hard to keep a secret identity?
The Xeno: I do keep a secret identity; I feel it is necessary for any superhero as part of what makes them work is being these enigmatic mysteries. If everyone knew who Bruce Wayne was, do you think the batman would be as effective?

Deirdra: How did those close to you react when you became a superhero?
The Xeno: Well, when I was making my mask my mom walked in and thought I was preparing to rob a bank haha.

Deirdra: Who is your hero?
The Xeno: My grandfather and Johnny cash.
I also look up to daredevil a lot, his abilities despite being blind is nothing but inspiring.

Deirdra: What do you want the people of your community to know?
The Xeno: To the scumbag criminals:
There's a new player in town, and this one is called the Xeno. He is the new guardian of Portland - evil doers beware, and stay frosty if you know what's good for you. He's the feeling you get when you are being watched.
To the honest citizens:

Do something good for someone; we need less s***** people in this world, and it can start with you. One man is capable of only so much, the community needs you as well to make a stand, and do something positive.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Superhero Saturday - Dark Guardian

Dark Guardian

Dark Guardian of New York

Deirdra:  Who or what inspired you to become a superhero?
Dark Guardian: I grew up looking up to superheroes. I saw and experienced what crime and apathy could do to a community in my life. One day I decided I was going to be a person to do something about it. I decided to become Dark Guardian and do what I can to help and hopefully inspire others to do good as well.

Deirdra: How did you come up with your superhero name?
Dark Guardian: It's nothing special.
I'm typically out at the dark of night work to guard and protect my community.
Hence Dark Guardian.

Deirdra:  Who made your costume?
Dark Guardian: The costume evolved and changed over time. The costume is about protection and my own style. Bullet proof vest and leather pants in my colors of black and red.

Deirdra:  If you could have any super power what would it be?
I tend not think about this. I focus on what I can do to make myself better in real life.

Deirdra:  What do you hope to accomplish?Dark Guardian: I want to make an impact in my community and be that guy that isn't afraid to take a stand against crime and what's wrong in society.
The larger picture is inspiring other to do something to be a hero and help better the world we live in.

Deirdra: What do you for your day job?
Dark Guardian: I teach martial arts and work at a gym.

Deirdra: Are the police supportive or do they see you as a lawless vigilante?
Dark Guardian: The police have been ok. Some know me. Been taken in to the precinct before. They have been fine with me. Most don't really care honestly.

Deirdra:  Are you in danger by doing what you do?
Dark Guardian: I am in danger in doing this. Been up against pimps, drug dealers, thugs, and gangs. Had my life threatened more than I can remember. Had a gun flashed at me, a broken bottle held up to me, and been in many scary situations.
It's nature of what I do.

Deirdra:  Are you stopping crimes and helping people? 
Dark Guardian: Been up against gangs of drug dealers breaking up their business, getting info to the police, and physically kicking them out of their drug spots. Been out in Harlem deterring pimps and prostitutes openly doing business in a public park. We got one pimp arrested through our reporting to the police.
Breaking up big fights. Patrolling the Village when their were anti-gay attacks going on and providing a free self defense seminar.
Handing out supplies and necessities to the homeless.
Been a long time doing this. Couldn't get all this done without help from many great people over the years.

Deirdra: What does your significant other think of you being a superhero? What does your family think?
Dark Guardian: My fiancĂ© and family are both supportive. Of course they don't want me to get hurt, but they know this is who I am.

Deirdra:  Do you have a weakness?
Dark Guardian: Yea, regular life and bills.
Wish I could do more but I have to keep my regular life in order.

Deirdra:  How long have you been doing this?Dark Guardian: I've been doing this for about 12 years now.

Deirdra:  What is the most frustrating thing about being a superhero?Dark Guardian: The most frustrating thing is not being able to do it more often.

Deirdra:  Do you keep a secret identity, is so, why? Is it hard to keep a secret identity?
Dark Guardian: No secret to dentist. I am who I am. I'm a part of the community. I don't hide who I am.

Deirdra: How did those close to you react when you became a superhero?
Dark Guardian: Well you know, people are like WHAT?
But after a while they get it. The main concern is typically don't get hurt.

Deirdra: Who is your hero?
Dark Guardian: That's a good question. I don't know if I can pinpoint one I have. Maybe that's why I try hard to be one.

Deirdra:  What do you want the people of your community to know?
Dark Guardian: We can all make a difference and be heroes. Let's get out there and do it.

You can follow Dark Guardian and join his fan page at:

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Superhero Saturday - International TV

A film crew from Channel 4 The Lyon came from the UK to film Guardian Shield and the team.

Thank you Rhode, Yvonee, Larry, Tom, Billie, and Guardian Shield for inviting me to take pictures.

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