Thursday, May 28, 2015

How To Tell A Good King From A Bad King

On my most recent Narnia binge I noticed something about the way the kings of the two armies lead during the final battle in Prince Caspian. King Peter picked up his sword, even though he was already battle worn, and rushed the enemy with his people following behind him.

On the Telmarine side, the king pointed his sword and shouted, “Charge” then he stayed behind while his men advanced forward into battle.

What an interesting behavior and I can only conclude that people serve a good king because they love him. People serve a bad king because they fear him.

A Bad Leader Will Create a Dependent Society.

If men start relying on the government more than God and themselves for their food, clothing, housing, cell phones, education, etc. then we set up a man or government to be a god. When that man or government falls, that’s when we will have riots and people starving. A bad leader will want to create a dependent society. A dependent society is much easier to control.

Examples from The Book of  Mormon

King Benjamin from The Book of Mormon labored with his own hands to support himself so he didn’t have to add additional taxes on his people (Mosiah 2:18). King Benjamin also stood by his people in battle and fought with his own strength (Words of Mormon 1:13)

Alma, another leader from The Book of Mormon was Alma. He also protected his people and lead them without additional burdens (Alma 32:5).

King Noah on the other hand taxed his people heavily so he and his buddies could party, wear nice clothes, get drunk, etc. (Mosiah 11:13-15). When his people came under attack he ran away and encourage the men to leave their wives and children to save themselves (Mosiah 19:11).

A Lamanite king taxed King Limhi’s people 50% of  their profit. This was considered slavery and bondage (Mosiah 7:22-24). How much are you paying in taxes? Sales tax, property tax, income tax, government fees for doing anything, food tax, gas tax, etc. There are almost 100 types of taxes in America that didn’t exist 100 years ago.

There are other kings and leaders throughout scripture and history that have marked their character by their action.

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