Saturday, December 26, 2015

Winterizing For Cats

Below is one of my favorite types of winterizing because it is so easy.

I got the rest of the pictures from Pintrest. There is a ton of great resources on there for winterizing.

Here in Oregon, as we prepared to winterize, our biggest challenge 
was keeping food dry and water fresh.

We had lots of leaves fall into the water and the rain made the food too soggy to eat.

Leif and I build these "Food Stations."
We keep the food and water in the back and check them often.
The working cats eat more in the winter to keep their little bodies warm.

Also, since it rains to much, we needed to make sure that their shelters were off the ground so they didn't get flooded.

We just set them on pallets and everything worked out great!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

SLOW ECHOES by Kristina M. Serran

  SLOW ECHOES will be released for purchase January 14th 2016
Something to look forward to. 

Selk Baioumi is Croatian. She’s also Egyptian. And American. Despite her vast heritage, the only family she has known is her mom and late grandfather. Other than that, the closest relationship she has is with her boxing/kickboxing instructor, Cliff. And she’s perfectly happy with her life, until two new men show up in her cozy hometown of Snow Hill, Maryland. The first, Whistler, an ill-reputed boxer with a paranormal secret. The second, Zahid, the Egyptian father who’d left her mother the day after Selk was born.

Zahid’s return brings the truth about Selk’s ancestry and promises of death for many, including Whistler, the not-so-bad boy who’s stolen her heart with his dry smile and effortless empathy. In order to obliterate those promises, Selk and Whistler must enter and survive an alternate Egypt where crocodiles swim in venom, stained-glass labyrinths come to life and mummies can slow your every move, even speech—if overprotective Cliff doesn’t kill Whistler first.

About the Author

After starting college at sixteen, Kristina M. Serrano graduated from Cape Fear Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Arts, as well as a BFA in Creative Writing Fiction and a Certificate in Publishing from The University of North Carolina Wilmington, landing on the dean’s and chancellor’s lists. She was the Executive Editor and Prose Editor of an online literary magazine, and, while in college, had the privilege of singing the national anthem at four large events. SLOW ECHOES is her first published novel, but she has dozens of unfinished YA fantasy and paranormal romance novels stored away for a rainy day. She currently resides in North Carolina with her hyper Bichon Frisé, Jake.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Pictures By Celia

We did an awesome photo shoot with our friend, Celia, in her beautiful studio.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Tree

One of the many AWESOME things about Oregon. 
Cutting down your own Christmas tree.

Leif teaching Kal'el about sharp tools.

Kal'el was an awesome helper. 
He passed the rope through the car from mommy to daddy 
so we could secure the tree to the car.

 Kittens checking out the tree.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Catching Up On Pictures Nov and Dec

Leif sharing his chair with a kitty.

Kal'el found this at the store and brought it to me. He was pretty freaked out.

Avalon with Lily 

Kal'el helping Leif out with the new family business. 

Friday night read-a-thon turned into a slumber party.

Tristan's hurt tail. He split it wide open.
Its healed up, but he has nerve damage that has affected his balance.

He is an indoor kitty now.

Sorting through baby clothes with Avalon and Tristan.

Tristan claiming the chair.

Kittens in sunshine

Leif trying to rescue a neighbor's kitty from an Oregon Giant.

He is WAY up there.

I had to zoom in. He is up about 4 stories in this picture.

More kitty cuddles for Everyone.

Riven is our kitty who likes to knead and suck on blankies and binkies.

Kal'el fell asleep reading again.

Little Lily in the sunshine.

Lily is my sewing companion. 

All three of them in a box

Leif helping Kal'el with a school presentation. 

Kal'el waiting for Leif to get home so they can play battleground.