Saturday, July 20, 2013

Interview with Author Nadja Spath

Deirdra: When did you first know you wanted to be an author?
Nadja: To be honest, I’ve always felt like I should be in a creative field. It wasn’t until recent years that I focused my creativity into writing. The idea of creating stories, characters, worlds and realms really appealed to my creative side. Once I began, I knew that I wanted to write novels.       

Deirdra:  What is your writing and educational background?
 Nadja: I matriculated then studied 3D animation part-time while working at my first job. I never pursued 3D as a career as I had an opportunity to open my own business, which I did. I ran my comic book store for over 7 years and it helped grow my passion for writing. I then studied novel writing for a year. All my other studies took place in life by living, experiencing and reading articles. If I wanted to know something, I would go out and learn more about it.

Deirdra: Were you ever discouraged along the way? If so, how did you deal with it?
Nadja: There was one major discouragement for me in my life. It was during high school and for some reason, the experience stuck in my mind since. English was not my best subject, I was near failing it despite excelling in other subjects. My English teacher was very discouraging (and I bare not ill will toward her). My subject matter for my creative writing essays was always frowned upon. I guess my esoteric/sci-fi/fantasy genres were before their time or not to my teachers liking. Then came my terrible spelling. Back then, we didn’t have spell-check and weren’t allowed to use dictionaries in class. I would lose so many marks just on spelling alone. I was so put of the written language that I didn’t write again for many years and never considered going into the field of novel writing.
    Yet, my stories nagged at me. They wanted out. I eventually made peace with my past failings, and I began to write, realising that if other people could do it – why not me. A poem here and there which soon lead to some short fan fictions, which then soon exploded into full length novels. I learned to accept that the past is the past and we have the power to create whatever we want. So now I am making it happen.

Deirdra:  Can you tell us a little about your book, Awakening: The Dragon Valley?
 Nadja: This book is the product of my participation in the yearly NaNoWriMo challenge – 50k words in 30 days. It’s a young adult fantasy story that takes place in another realm after two people from our world are mysteriously transported there. This book a light read full of adventure and it’s the prelude book which introduces the Awakening Series currently in production. 

Deirdra:  Besides writing what other talents or hobbies do you have?
 Nadja: I’m interested in many things. Some of my current hobbies include archery, photography, baking, gardening and gaming. I’ve even made my own chainmail along the way. As an author, I feel it’s valuable to try out as many hobbies and skills as you can. These experiences can be very helpful in your writing. Either way, there are things in life that interest me and I will go out and learn something just to know how it was done or how it was made.

Deirdra:  What are you working on now?
 Nadja: Currently I am working on book one of the Awakening series. At the very least, I plan to turn this into a 3 part series with the prelude book, Awakening: The Dragon Valley, being the introduction to the series.

Deirdra:  Are you planning on self-publishing, finding and agent, going with a small press or other? And why?
 Nadja: I have tested the waters with self-publishing and I feel there are pros and cons to any method used. Self-publishing will always be an option as I have full control over what happens but it can take up a lot of time and requires constant management. I plan to submit my next book to publishers for consideration. This may help me get recognition and exposure while freeing up time to concentrate on writing instead of marketing. Finding an agent may help me reach an international market but it’s not something I am looking into just yet.

Deirdra: What words of advice do you have for other writers who desire to have their manuscripts become books in print?
 Nadja: Go for it. Let go of any insecurities and just write for yourself, for your passion. Stay positive, have fun and never give up despite what may seem like setbacks along the way – rather see then as a skill or insight gained that will make you a wiser person and a better writer. 

Deirdra: Where can readers go to find your books and order them?
 Nadja: My books are listed on my website with links to where they can be purchased. Awakening: The Dragon Valley is available on Amazon in most countries as a printed book or kindle version and is on offer in the kindle lending library. I also make appearances at local conventions to chat, sign copies and promote my book(s).



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