Saturday, January 19, 2013

Book Review Blackjack, Dreaming of a Morgan Horse

Reviewed by Lady K

Blackjack, Dreaming of a Morgan Horse
By Ellen F Feld
Overall I liked this book. My favorite part about it was how it immersed you in the world of horses and competitive horse shows. I also like how the author portrayed the different characters and the personalities of the different horses.
I will say that the beginning of the book both confused and disappointed me. I had no idea what was going on or why it was happening. I mean, stealing a horse without any apparent cause is not a good thing, so if the main character dreams this over and over, then that makes me question if she is someone that I want to like. It just seems a little senseless. The fact that it’s a dream that occurs over and over again makes the story predictable, but not in a good way. When parts of her dream occurred, it just felt so cliché. I think it make it hard for me to love this book. I will say that I liked the book, but it was despite the dream, not because of it.
I would recommend this book to children that love horses, children because anyone older would probably have a hard time with the obvious plot progression like I did, and since that seems to be the target audience, then I would say the author succeeded.


  1. That was an honestly gentle book review.

    Hugs and chocolate,


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