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Interview with Reader Abhishek Boinapalli

I am Abhishek Boinapalli (aka OldMan after my favorite cartoon character from One Piece) from Hyderabad, India. I am 20 and am still trying to discover where my heart lies. Typically looking for signs and waiting for the holy call!! *Ha Ha*

I am interested in books back from childhood but I was fortunate to start reading them from last year only. I am interested in writing my own books and am working on a military based one in Indian background.

I am a programmer by profession and am working hard to join the Indian Army (at least the reserve army) someday. I also have dreams of becoming the next biggest author, winning Brooker prize, the big American lottery, ....

Conatact Info:

What are your favorite kind of books to read and why?
I am 20 and have dreams of Army, riches, fantasy ... Hence any book related to Young Adults, Teenagers, fantasy world, army (fiction / non fiction) are fine with me. I read anything good. I usually try to co-relate myself with one of the characters in the books and find them interesting that way.

How many books on average would you say you read a year?
I read about 40-45 books a year. Typically a book a week. I started reading once I took up my day job and became independent *i.e. very very recently* So, I have typically completed about a hundred books I guess!!

What is the most recent book you read? Can you tell us a little about it?
I am done with Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell recently. The book was awesome. Military non-fiction by nature and I kind of liked it. There is too much gore in it but still that is the reality. The book begins, with Marcus Luttrell visiting the families of those men who laid their lives in battle. Can send you into tears. The training the SEALS take make you feel awesome, amazed and what not!! You want to know more about the book and its plot, kindly visit http://becomingprince.blogspot.com/2011/06/favorite-book-challenge-blogfest.html

What is the most disappointing thing authors do?
Dragging a story for the entire book is really disappointing. Books are supposed to be fun, interesting and cool. The plot of any book can be explained in one page or two. The narration the style, the sub-plots, the wit, the characters are important. If you drag the story without importance to anything else,then you are in trouble.

Who are your top five favorite authors?
Matthew Reilly => Fast packed Military action
J. K. Rowling => Cool fantasy world. Lot of action / drama
Dan Brown => Action packed, keen to detail and lots of research!!!
Christopher Paolini => fantasy. His definition of Kulls was awesome. I felt I must become like kull some day!! *Ha Ha*
Jack Campbell => He doesn't treat military stuff as bombs and explosions alone. He gives importance to people, feelings and so on!!

How do you feel about e-books?
They are boon to me. I can't afford 40 new/old hard copies with my day job and my responsibilities. I usually read e-books only and I am grateful to them!! In my part of the world, you really need to have deep pockets to buy good books. So ebooks are awesome!!

If you could give a message to authors what would it be?
As long as your reader can co-relate to one of your character, you are gonna be a hit. I know, this is old piece of advise but, most authors try to start with book of their dreams with MC as their own projection of themselves. MC must be prefect, awesome and awe-inspiring so on!!! I don't think that way!! MC & the other characters must be like us !

Have you ever thought about writing a book?
Yeah, after reading so many books, I too want to write books. Many a books. Military fiction, YA, fantasy!! I recently completed a novella in YA genre. Will publish it on my blog soon!!

What other talents and hobbies do you have?
Talents => I dunno. I speak a lot, friendly and chat a lot. I can remember the plots only, not the details and can make anyone feel happy and optimistic!! *I guess*

Where is your favorite place to read?
Obvious answer, in front of my system. Or on a study table with full serious set up.

Do you have a favorite reading snack?
I am a glutton. So food is always welcome. No, I don't have a favorite reading snack.

What books have made you cry?
Naked and Dead, Lone Survivor, Bravo Two Zero, Percy Jackson, ...

Movies / Books, where parent connects to child, kind of happy re-union after sad break-up, emotional one, makes me cry!!

In books, military fiction gets my tears flowing. When one young man, fighting hard for his nation, can't get medical support, trapped, almost dead so on!!

What books have made you laugh?
Two States by Chetan Bhagat!! Awesome!! Humorous narration!!
Alchemist, Winners Stand Alone, If Tomorrow comes, ...

Whenever, someone rises above daily trifles for himself / his conviction, it makes me happy. So happy that I laugh!!

What kind of books are you looking to read next? What is on your reading list?
I am currently reading Percy Jackson & the Lighting Thief!! I guess, I will complete the entire series. I am ready to read any book / manuscript *Not so lucky till now*. No issues!!

Is there any other message you would like to give to the literary community?
Literary community is awesome. No messages. They keep the dreams of children alive. Hopes of teenagers alive. It is them, who nourish the souls of every reader. Keep up the good work!!


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