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E-book animation and other EMC’s.

How E-book animation and other EMC’s are changing the publishing world.

See website link for sample animation:

Enhanced Multimedia Content (EMC)

E-book Animation:

Just like regular animation, E-book animation is a series of pictures put together and flashed in a sequence thus making it look like the picture is moving.

There are some differences with e-book animation:

When I do animation for a digital book I use .gif images in Adobe animation. Gif tends to be a smaller file then the other formats and will comply with most e-book programs including Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Each animation should consist of no more than three to five slides.

If you do too many slides your file will be too big. The trick is to keep the files small so that there are no delays in the upload of pages. By keeping the files small you avoid taking up massive amounts of space on people’s e-book readers.

Another thing to remember when creating animation for e-books is that you don’t want your animation to overpower the work of the author.

The movements in an animation should be subtle. No one wants a bright blinking light in their face when they are trying to read.

I highly recommend that e-book creators who use animation have a “Turn Off Animation” feature for those readers who find even subtle animation distracting in a novel.

Animation is a great perk for those purchasing Children’s books, Middle Grade and even some Young Adult.

Being an eBook animator is time consuming, but very rewarding.

Banner Advertizing:

If you plan on being published in the next few years you should know that some e-book companies and publishers are preparing to add advertisements to eBooks. Imagine reading a book and an ad for soda pop comes up on the screen. These ads have both pluses and minus.

On the plus side of these ads can make your book available at a lower cost since merchandisers are purchasing the advertizing space in you book.

If you decide to do this be careful about what kind of ads appear in your book. For example, if you have a Christian Romance book you don’t want your reader to “turn the page” and see an ad for pornography.

Of course most advertisers are smarter than that. Usually they try and promote to their target market audience. In the case of a Christian romance you may get advertisements for a Christian dating service.

Other EMC (Enhanced Multimedia Content) for e-books:

Author interviews

Color maps

Character sketches

Advertisements for your next book

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  1. This whole world of e-books and what are they called ya and indy? All very confusing to me. I think it is great, at least I think I think so but I love the feel of a book in my hand and the smell of its pages. Call me old fashioned, or just call me old.

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  4. What a wonderful post! While at first resolutely set on self-publishing through e-media, as I continue working on my novel I can't help but consider if, for the sake of things, I should try querying around first. I think the prospect of pup-up ads while reading might help make that decision!

    Oh! And thank you so very much for the award!

  5. Thank you for your insight into another portion of the publishing process. It's greatly appreciated. :)

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  11. The animation I guess is mostly for children's books. What is more interesting are the opportunities for ads, hmm...

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