Monday, September 13, 2010


Current Reading List:
Characters and Viewpoints by Orson Scot Card
The Precious Promise by Neal A. Maxwell
How to Write a Million by Dibell, Scott Card and Turco
Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer
A Storyteller in Zion by Orson Scott Card
The Citizens Clean Election Commission 2010 Primary Election (yes, I actually read what I’m going to be voting about.)

Currently Writing:
To Capture the Wind
A paranormal romance with a historical backdrop of the 13th century.

Currently Studying:
13th Century History, shipbuilding, the Scottish War for Independence, trade routes, monarchies, natural disasters in the 13th century, myths, legends, popular superstitions and documented claims of unexplained events and sightings of the 13th century.

I’m also studying
Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. I’m not into vampires but I admire the way she gets into her character’s head and I would like to improve in that area.

A list of Writer’s Conferences I’m attending is coming soon!


  1. A Storyteller in Zion is my personal favorite of anything Card has ever written. Loads of good stuff.

  2. you are a whirl wind of activity Deirdra! I love all that things you are doing and reading! I also love the way your blog looks, it is really cool, especially the pictures of you!

  3. Hi, Deirdra! We've posted today for our Fantastic Friday Writers. Wow, I'm really impressed with all the materials you've posted! You're such a role model to me. <3


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