Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Movie Deal I Turned Down

Yeah, its true. The film producer (I won’t say any names but I will say that almost all of you have seen at least one film that they have made) expressed interest in producing Scotlyn into a full length film production and wanted to meet. As I drove to their castle on the hill I told myself that I would accept what ever offer they made to me because it would help me sell more books.
This producer had read my book and loved it. They said that there was a few things that they wanted to change in the film production. ‘Sure,’ I thought to myself, ‘the movie is always different from the book.’ When this producer said that they wanted to add sex and a few homosexual innuendos to “appeal to a larger audience,” I was devastated. Heavenly Father would not be pleased with me if I willing agreed to take something that was written with His help and tainted it with worldly sins made to look like pleasures.


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