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Welcome to the Awards page!!!!
Below is a list of awards that I have made to give to bloggers that deserve special recognition.
If you would like to become a 
follower and link to this blog to say, "Thank you for the award," I would love it, but it is not required.

 I just want to make people feel good about the hard work they are doing on their blogs. I love writers and love to help in anyway I can.

NOTE: I'm taking nominations for awards. If you have a blog or know of a blog that deserves an award shoot me an email or leave a message on this post.

Keep blogging!


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Brilliant Writer Award

Enchanting Entertainer Award

OR for my friends in other countries:

 Beautiful Mommy Writer Award

Best Books Blog Award

 Best of Romance Blog Award

Best of Sci/Fi Award

Creative Blog Award

 Fantastic Fantasy Award

Inspiring Blog Award:

 Magical Blog Award:

Medieval Madness Award:

Powerful Woman Writer Award:

FAQ: How do I get my award on my blog?

This is the easiest way:
Just go to the “Awards” page on my blog at

RIGHT click on your award and press “save image as.”

Save the image to your computer and up load it to your site.

You can link directly by going  to the “Awards” page on my blog at

LEFT click on your award page and copy the link from the browser as a page elements image.

FAQ: Who is the artist?
I do all my own art and the art for this blog. For more information visit my art gallery at

FAQ: I am an artist, writer, editor, agent or other literary professional. How do I score an interview on this blog?
Just email me.
Send me a link to your website so I can come up with personalized questions.

FAQ: Do you charge to interview?
Nope! This is my way of helping other people.

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