Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Baby Pictures by Celia

Some awesome pictures of Elaine by my friend Celia at Studio C. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Babies and Kittens

There is so much cuteness in our house.

Here is Lily sleeping with her arm twisted behind her back.

 They fell asleep like this. 

Avalon and the giant apple.

Lily (the scarf kitten) has now become baby Elaine's new protector. 
She's the only cat out of the three that I trust with the baby.
The other two are a little rambunctious. 

Lily watching over my baby.

 Avalon fell asleep in her tree pod.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lady Elaine Eternity

Here is our dear, sweet Lady Elaine

She is finally here. 

Leif and I were hoping for a chill, drama-free birth like Avalon's, but Elaine came so fast once she finally got here. The hospital staff was still pulling themselves together and didn't realize we had an emergency.

In the morning on the 26th I told the bedside nurse that we were going to have the baby in 15 minutes. She acted like I was joking. She said the baby hadn't dropped yet, I hadn't thinned out enough, and I was still dilated the same as I had been for the last eight hours. She also told me the baby hadn't even turned yet.

I looked her in the eyes, told her I was having this baby now, and to get the epidural guy now.
She said he was just in the hall and he would come in when I was ready. I told her I was ready now. I need him in here now.
She asked what my pain was at (on that silly smiley face scale.) I was only at a 2, but I should have said 10 just to get them to hurry.

Leif later said I shouldn't have been so calm and I should have acted like a crazy lady to get them to come in faster.

I told her again to get him and I was having this baby in 15 minutes.
She left the room and didn't come back for 15 minutes. By this time I was well into transition and shouting at the person on the other side of the "call for help" button.
I told them I was having a baby now and I needed an epidural. 

The epidural guy and the nurse walk in. The nurse looked a little nervous and the epidural guy was totally stalling and wanted to talk for a while and fill out his charts.
I told him every time I wasn't contracting, "Now. Now. Now's your chance I'm not having a contraction. Do it hurry!"

Leif says it seemed like he was stalling. Every time I had a break from contractions he would want to ask more questions or wash my back with something else.
After my last contraction break I looked at Leif and told him "I couldn't do this." Meaning I knew I was going to have the baby without an epidural and hopped up on pitocin (which was my greatest fear.)
Pitocin was a last resort for me since I was 41 weeks. Pitocin is a really really horrible drug as any woman who has had it can testify. 

I laid down on the bed and told everyone sorry I can't stop it any more.
I was laying on my side still hoping for the epidural when baby's head popped out in one push. 
The epidural guy didn't say anything. He just cleaned up his stuff and left the room.
Leif says he watched the nurse freak out and run out of the room. We later found out that this was her first time and she panicked and didn't know what to do.
Leif ran behind me to catch the baby because he was afraid she was going to fall on the floor.
People started coming in, but at this point no one could help me and I was just a freak show.

I told them to grab her and pull her out of me. I pushed one more time and baby Elaine was here.
Leif held her on the bed so she wouldn't fall off while everyone was still getting set up.

Seriously guys? 
I was pretty mad and wondered why we came to the hospital.

Leif was covered in blood from delivering the baby and holding her while the ladies delivered the afterbirth.

They asked if I wanted to turn over and see the baby behind me, but my body was still twisted in the position to get an epidural. No kidding .... I delivered a baby sideways, but everyone lived.

Looks like Lady Elaine has super powers just like her brother and sister. She was able to hold up her head on her own just after birth, she is eating really well and is very alert and aware of her surroundings.

In less than a month she has been rolling over and scooting. Last night she scooted 8 inches.
She is sleeping REALLY WELL through the night.

The pediatrician was freaking out a bit at Elaine's first appointment when she set her down and Elaine started scooting away.

Looks like we have another Wunderkind.

Leif and Kal'el's Birthdays.

Kicking off Kal'el and Leif's double birthday celebration at Ever Realm.

About 60 friends showed up, making this the largest b-day party we've ever hosted. 

We got a ton of pizza and cake from Costco and everyone left full and happy.

At home there were lots more family gifts and cards.

Leif wrapped these... and did the art too. 

Leif got an extra special secret birthday surprise and made the 10 o'clock news.
Close family and friends know what this is all about.