Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Colony!

We have a a few acres of heaven in Oregon, including a large field with rabbits, gophers, and lots of other critters.

I called Meow Village and they came out to my house and surveyed the land.

They agreed that this is the perfect spot for my new colony of kitties.

I don't breed them so its not a "cattery."
These cats are wild and if taken to a shelter, they would be killed. They are fixed so they can't breed.
TNR programs are a very humane form of animal control. (see links below.)

No animal is killed.

In fact, these sweet kitties now have a home and a job guarding our fields and gardens from mice.
Its an organic form of pest control and hopefully next year all the mice won't beat us to the strawberries.

Here is Leif and Kal'el building the kitty play house.

This is where they will live while they get acclimated to their new home.
Our cat Tristan is testing it out.

Three new kitties just came today!!!!

Kal'el and Leif had fun naming them: Midnight, Man Hunter, and Firefly.

This was Tristan's reaction to the new cats. It gets funny right at :45 sec.

For more information on Cat Colonies and how you can help, please visit these sites below:




Saturday, July 25, 2015

24th Celebration

Even though the 24th of July is the celebration of pioneers settling Utah, it is a day that all Mormons celebrate.

Here are some fun things we did in Oregon.

The missionaries eating blackberries.

Lady Avalon eating blackberries.

Not only did we pick tons of fresh berries, but we ate tons of blackberry desserts.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Our Biggest Sword Making Project Ever

 This was just day one.

Sydney's girls ended up sewing all the covers.

This was such an amazing project with tons of help.

Thank you Sydney for making this possible and hosting us.

All these swords were used for this:

A Hundred Young Women Swordfighting

This was one of my dreams come true.

Last Saturday I was asked to teach some sword fighting classes.
There were four classes of about 25 girls.

The theme was "Armed, Able and Adorable."

After the battle games, I taught quick lesson about fortifying yourself against the evils of this world and never giving up.

Kal'el was my armed, able and, adorable assistant.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Ocean Trip - Rockaway Beach

We had one of those rare days off that wasn't a Sunday so we headed to the beach.

There were tons of Comb Jellies.