Friday, March 27, 2015

The X-Troop by Clay Davis

Giving a shout out for my friend, Clay Davis, and displaying a cover I made.



Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Member of the Eden-Boyd Family

Meet Tristan
Named after one of King Arthur's Knights

He is a cat who is all cat.

He likes to be treated like a cat and not babied.

Despite being super catty, he's been great with the kids.

 Tristan being so patient with Kal'el and his
"Animal Decorating."

Avalon playing with the cat toys.

Avalon has been really good and knows how to
 pet the kitty with an open palm and not grabby fingers.

We gave him lots of places that are out of the kids' reach
so he can have a break from being a Nanny.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Moving Day and New house.

Lady Avalon is watching everyone load our moving truck.

                                          Saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa


We loaded our truck, slept on mats that night, then left at 5 AM the next morning.
We drove about 800 miles that day and spent the night in La Grande Oregon in a hotel. 

We got up early again the next morning and kept driving another 400 miles. We drove along the Columbia River and the fog was incredible.

When the fog broke we could see the Lonely Mountain in the distance. 
Kal'el wanted to go fight Smaug.

We actually made it to the ocean that day.

We lived in a hotel for a while while we got most of the major renovations done in our new home. New flooring, new paint, new hot water heater and some major cleaning.
There is still a ton to do, but we are working on it little by little.

Here are a few pictures of the inside:


Fun tile on the back splash in the kitchen

 Leif working hard on the addition of our future rec and project room.

Kal'el's Room

There are two bathrooms, but we still have tons of work 
to do on the second one before I take pictures.

Living room
Yes, we still need to get furniture, 
but the kids are enjoying the large space to run around.

See our forest out the window!!!

Deirdra's Office

Leif picked out the green color.
Obviously its still a work in progress.

Storage Room
Another BIG project.

There are a few other cool rooms (including the master bedroom with walk in closet),
but I will save those for when they are more finished.

The Outside
Bird nest

Moss on the curb

Blossoms on the trees

MORE MOSS! I'm in love with moss. <3

Stepping stones.

 Mighty tree roots
Stuff that we will clean up and make even more beautiful.


Strawberry Patch

Blackberry Jungle

These blackberry bushes are seriously eight feet high.

Gophers --- or something.
BTW, all the white stuff you see on everything is blossom petals.
I only had a few minutes to take pictures, but I will get more of the forest later.

Our Cottage

Travel images:,_Oregon&h=181&w=279&tbnid=oj0JQ9KRMx5L8M:&zoom=1&tbnh=110&tbnw=169&usg=__rarUgDO_gEYPILA-V4zScQdY5d8=&docid=E0QMKFRByx2BMM&itg=1