Saturday, April 30, 2016

Portland Temple Invader

Today an invader forced her way into the Portland Temple. The temple workers said even though she was wearing white, she did not have a recommend. When the workers confronted her and tried to get her to leave, she didn't want anyone to touch her. When they kicked her out of the baptistry she went right through the front doors of the main entrance and made herself at home.

I figured that I probably had the most cat wrangling experience out of anyone in the temple so I turned off my camera phone, caught Miss Kitty, and escorted her out. She growled at me when she saw I was taking her to the front doors. Tristan, my Russian Blue kitty, does the same thing when he doesn't get his way.

No harm done. She made lots of people smile and a few people question what I was doing walking through the temple carrying a cat.

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