Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lesson at Starbucks - CoExist

Kal'el and I went into our local grocery store which has a small Starbucks located at the front.

Kal'el pointed at the coffee shop and said, "Everyone who goes there is evil."

What? - I know what he is thinking. We are Mormons and don't drink coffee, but of course that doesn't mean people who go there are "evil."

That night I asked Kal'el if he wanted to go on a date with me.

Guess where we went--- Starbucks.

We were in line and a man with one arm and a hook approached us. I'm sure Kal'el was pretty freaked out being in an "evil" place with a man that could be related to Captain Hook.

The man could see Kal'el was obviously freaked out and held up his false, hooked, arm.

"Want to know how I got this?" he asked.
Of course Kal'el wanted to know.

The man was a Venetian vet and had been blown up. He showed us his "freaky" leg that was missing lots of muscle. His hand had been MELTED off.

Kal'el told the Vet that his dad had been blown up in Iraq and now has fake teeth because his face was smashed in.

The old vet told Kal'el to be proud of his dad. He said that lots of people have fought and died for our country's freedoms.

He then offered to pay for our drinks and buy us a desert. I told him NO and that I would buy his drink. He snatched my credit card, gave the cashier his cash, then handed my card back to me.

Kal'el and I sat at our table and enjoyed some  AMAZING hot chocolate and pastries.

I asked Kal'el if he though the vet was "evil."
Kal'el said, "No."

Across from us was a young janitor from Kal'el's elementary school enjoying a meal with his two little kids and wife.
(Small town. everyone knows everyone.)

"Is he evil?"
Kal'el said, "No."

"Is the lady working on her homework evil?"

"What about the lady who helped you find the napkins?"


Just because people don't believe what we believe doesn't mean they are evil.

 Starbuck also had these big bags of coffee ground fertilizer for FREE. I picked one up for our garden. I was more excited than I should have been.

Jesus loves everyone- even people who drink bitter bean juice.

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