Wednesday, April 27, 2016

3 Months Old - Elaine

This little girl is the HAPPIEST baby ever.
She is so chill and always like this.

This pretty thing hardly ever fusses and is a super good communicator.
Elaine freaked out our adopted grandma from the ward (Sassie) when at 5-weeks-old
Elaine stood up on her own.

Sassie asked, "How old is this baby?"
I told her just 5 weeks.
Sassie said she had worked with dozens of babies and never seen a baby so strong.

Look at how happy this girl is with her new toy!
We tried to pull her out and she got mad at us.

This really isn't a "short girl" problem.
All my kiddos are actually pretty tall.

She is just wanting to walk really early.

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  1. THIS IS SO CUUUUTE OH MY GOODNESS. Thank you for sharing this post, it made me smile :)


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