Monday, March 14, 2016

Elaine's Baby Blessing

The blessing was beautiful (my husband is amazing that way.)
It was so wonderful to have our family come hang out and tour Oregon for an extended weekend before the blessing.

Kal'el loved that he got to miss some school to hang out with grandparents and aunts.

One one day he had to make a choice: 
Go to VooDoo Doughnuts or go to the graveyard for a genealogy hunt.

Everyone thought for sure he would go to the world famous doughnut shop in Portland.
Kal'el said, "I want to go the graveyard!"
Leif laughed, "That's my boy!"
Leif and Kal'el have a few other creepy/fun adventures coming up.

My dad is a Spartan

PaPa Boyd is so happy to have another Celtic granddaughter showing off our family tartan.

Crystal beading on the dress my sister Rachel and I finished a few days before the blessing.

Loving on Grandma Boyd

Grandma Boyd totally loves being a hands on grandma and there is always so much fun and excitement when she comes around.
She showered all the kids with gifts.
Elaine got some accessories for church.
Avalon got a new doll. 
and Kal'el got a completed Ninja Turtle action figure set.

This girl smiles so much!!!

Little kitty loves the crystal beads too!!!

Aunt Nana -getting her baby love on.

Grandma snapped this picture of Ava in the cupboard.
She and Kal'el love playing with toy dinosaurs and Avalon even sleeps with that T-Rex in her hands.

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  1. I love that she's sportin' the tartan! What a beauty! And the dress is luscious too.


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