Saturday, December 26, 2015

Winterizing For Cats

Below is one of my favorite types of winterizing because it is so easy.

I got the rest of the pictures from Pintrest. There is a ton of great resources on there for winterizing.

Here in Oregon, as we prepared to winterize, our biggest challenge 
was keeping food dry and water fresh.

We had lots of leaves fall into the water and the rain made the food too soggy to eat.

Leif and I build these "Food Stations."
We keep the food and water in the back and check them often.
The working cats eat more in the winter to keep their little bodies warm.

Also, since it rains to much, we needed to make sure that their shelters were off the ground so they didn't get flooded.

We just set them on pallets and everything worked out great!


  1. Absolutely perfect! Good for you for taking care of the critters in need.


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