Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Catching Up On Pictures Nov and Dec

Leif sharing his chair with a kitty.

Kal'el found this at the store and brought it to me. He was pretty freaked out.

Avalon with Lily 

Kal'el helping Leif out with the new family business. 

Friday night read-a-thon turned into a slumber party.

Tristan's hurt tail. He split it wide open.
Its healed up, but he has nerve damage that has affected his balance.

He is an indoor kitty now.

Sorting through baby clothes with Avalon and Tristan.

Tristan claiming the chair.

Kittens in sunshine

Leif trying to rescue a neighbor's kitty from an Oregon Giant.

He is WAY up there.

I had to zoom in. He is up about 4 stories in this picture.

More kitty cuddles for Everyone.

Riven is our kitty who likes to knead and suck on blankies and binkies.

Kal'el fell asleep reading again.

Little Lily in the sunshine.

Lily is my sewing companion. 

All three of them in a box

Leif helping Kal'el with a school presentation. 

Kal'el waiting for Leif to get home so they can play battleground. 

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