Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The R.O.U.S.

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Hubby and I got the thumbs up from the Oregon Wildlife Fish and Game Department and City Police and Ordinance to go hunt down an R.O.U.S. 

We wanted to make sure everything we did was totally legal, including the way we planned to kill it.

My handsome husband waiting on our back porch for the R.O.U.S.

Leif gave Kal'el one of the most beautiful Father/Son talks.

Kal'el was so pumped up about the prospect of going out and killing something.
Leif had a talk about when it is appropriate to kill one of God's creatures.
Leif said you should never "want" to kill something the way Kal'el wanted too.

We hunt, but not for sport. 
Leif and I love animals like crazy.

Leif explained to Kal'el that this R.O.U.S is very dangerous and is coming where our indoor/outdoor cat sleeps and eats and where the kids play. Our big tom cat is very territorial and if they were to get into a fight we might not be able to afford the vet bills or the cat would just not survive. 
We also have our feral colony we need to protect so they aren't eaten. 

This is something we must do to protect a member of our family.

The police say forest predators are bad this year, including the cougars and coyotes. Hunting licence or not, if an animal or person comes onto your property and is threatening you, your pets, livestock, or your property, then you have a legal right to kill it with any kind of firearm, even in city limits.

Our original plan was to have both Leif and I armed. That way we doubled our chances of getting a kill shot.

We had a couple of disasters in the beginning of the hunt.
I was too busy taking pictures for social medial and blogging that I accidentally set off the car alarm. 
Then I tripped over the bait (cat food) and spilled it everywhere.

The kids and cats were freaking out and it became clear we might have missed our shot for tonight.

At about 12:30 A.M. I woke up with cramps in my legs (pregnancy related.)
As soon as I worked out the Charley Horse I turned around and there it was right outside our glass door!

Leif jumped out of bed, armed himself with a sword and ran out into our yard in nothing, but his socks and shorts.

Leif was super sneaky and was half way through our gardens before the R.O.U.S. realized it was in trouble.

 It died shortly thereafter.

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