Saturday, October 10, 2015

So Much Cuteness - Kitten Names

These little kittens came as a surprise to our family. A friend brought them to us because they had been abandoned and were very sick.

They were covered in sores and had massive infections in their eyes as well as other problems we couldn't see right away. 

Leif was gone for military which meant that I was working two shifts, with kids, feeling super pregnant, already on survival mode and I had to keep these little kittens alive until Leif got home and could help me.

The first night was the longest.
I got a bottle of flea shampoo and washed the kittens over and over as bugs and blood ran down my sink. The little black one was so weak he just gave up and flopped over in my hands with tears in his eyes. He hung limp as water ran over his body.
I woke up about every hour to clear their eyes of infection with hot water and to make sure the little black one had his airway clear. He was wheezing with every breath. The longest I slept was 3 hours. It felt like the first week of having a newborn.

I continued all treatments the next day without stopping until Leif got home that evening and could help.
We each took a kitten and worked with them until the next day (Monday) when we could get them to a vet. We knew they both would need something more than just a home remedy.
Fortunately we have a friend who is a country doctor. Turns out the kittens had more problems than we thought. It took three medications and more topical treatments to get them on the mend.
The fleas and sores are gone, though they are still not 100% better, they are happy and playful.

We gave them the names 
Lily and Riven.

Little Lilly loves Avalon and follows her around.

Kal'el with both the kittens in his arms.

Leif and Lily

Tristan giving Riven a bath.

Lily is my scarf kitty. 
She hates to be alone and I wrap her in my scarf so 
I can "hold' her and still have my hands free to work.

Kittens sleeping in the baby stroller. 

Avalon and Riven

Tristan HATED the kittens at first. He attacked everyone until my husband had a talk with him and said if he ever attacked one of our kids the way he tried to attack him, that he would not be our kitty anymore.

Here Kal'el is explaining to Tristan that we love the kittens AND still love him.

After a few weeks and letting Tristan have his own space, he really likes the kittens.
Tristan still has to be top cat.

He is exhausted after taking care of the kittens.

He doesn't even notice what Leif is doing. 

Avalon is getting her molars in and wasn't felling well. The kitties have been comforting her.

She is sharing her ice-cream with Riven.

 Everyone watching Saturday morning cartoons.
Lily is in Kal'el's lap and Riven is giving my husband kisses.

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