Sunday, October 11, 2015

Our Family Trying Out Football

We wanted to give Kal'el an opportunity to try out a traditional sport.
He's tried a few other things, such as basketball and soccer and hasn't enjoyed it.
We thought we would give American Football a shot.

Leif got him on a team and volunteered to be a coach to spend time with Kal'el
 It also helped save us $ on team fees.

In the end Kal'el gave it a good shot, but told us,
"Mom, Dad, I'm not really a sports guy. I just like to sword fight and be an archer."

We at least gave him the opportunity to try something new, but we will go ahead and respect his wishes and put our investment in swords and arrows.

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  1. Funny. Our oldest grand also tried sports but would rather do sword fighting and archery. And she's a girl. ;-)


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