Friday, October 2, 2015

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Eden Boyd Family Fairy Tale

Once upon a time:

There was a young woman named Goldilocks. Goldilocks lived in the woods all alone. She wasn't married and her parents lived far away.

One day, after work, Goldilocks came home to find her front door ajar.
She lived in a safe area of the woods and probably just forgot to lock it when she left that morning.

Goldilocks went in side, set down her purse and took off her coat and shoes. She made her way to her favorite chair to watch Salior Moon before showering and going to bed.

Goldilocks grabbed the remote and pointed it to where the T.V. should have been.

All that was left was a ring of dust where the T.V. once was.

The chair was covered in what looked like very coarse black hair. This wasn't Goldilocks' hair.

"Someone's been sitting in my chair," Goldilocks said.

She made way to the kitchen to where she kept her concealed weapon in a safe hidden under the tiles.

Her parents had encouraged her to get proper self defense training and equipment before she moved out on her own.

In the kitchen the china was broken, the silverware was missing, and the refrigerator was ransacked.

"Some one's been eating my food," Goldilocks said.

She grabbed her cell phone and called 911 to report that she had been robbed.
It would take the police 25 minutes to get to her location in the woods.
"Thank you," she said and hung up.


Goldilocks froze in place and stared at the ceiling. Was someone upstairs?
She cocked the gun and warned, "I'm armed and the police are on their way."

She slowly started up the stairs and when she reached her bedroom there was a large figure laying in her bed.

"Some one is sleeping in my bed," Goldilocks whispered.

Two huge bears jumped out of the shadows and the third sat up from the bed and growled.

"Now we've got you," a great grizzly bear said.
The polar bear and the black bear snickered and smiled menacingly.

The bears advanced with their claws unsheathed and Goldilocks didn't hesitate to let off three shots.

24 minutes later the police arrived. Goldilocks was in tears and terrified, but she was alive.

It would have been too late if Goldilocks hadn't been properly armed and had concealed weapons training.

The police had been looking for these three bears who targeted single women and helpless school children.

There will always be bad people in the world who want to steal your stuff, ruin your home, and assault you.

And that is why good people need to have liberal freedom to protect and defend themselves.

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