Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cat Colony Update

 These little kitties have been getting pretty spoiled. 

This one is "Midnight."

This is "Firefly."

This is "Man Hunter."

Kal'el likes to pull up a chair up next to their playhouse and read them stories.
They've gotten really used to him.

This is an idea from our friends at Meow Village.
Its a big ball of ice to help keep kitties cool during the summer time.

Leif has built up lots of trust with kitties and he can walk right up to them.

The kitties are getting a tuna treat, since it is their last day in the playhouse before they start their jobs as hunting cats.

Last night they started work.

We watched from a distance and let them have their space.
Midnight was the first to leave the playhouse.

It wasn't until about 8 hours later that Firefly left and started exploring her new territory.
You can tell she was loving the amount of space she now has.

Man Hunter stuck around for a little longer. We didn't see her leave, but this morning she is gone.

Its a little sad, but this is what was supposed to happen.
They are working cats now.
Its going to be fun catching a glimpse of them every once in a while while they patrol.

We are keeping a bowl of food and water for them in their new "safe spot" and also on our back porch. 

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